Fatal Attractions…Ashen Horse (Rider is Death) of Revelation of Jesus Christ: When Wild Beasts Kill Humans

Horse at Storeton

Image by jimmedia via Flickr

7When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” 8I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. (Revelation of Jesus Christ 6)

Note that one of the ways men will die during the time when the seals are opened, when the judgments of a holy God are falling on the earth, is they will be killed by the wild  beasts of the earth.

And no doubt the animal rights activists are doing their thing to bring this to pass of wild beasts killing human beings. They are all for animals no matter how dangerous they are to live among humans and be treated as humans.

This morning while watching the news on television they showed lions arriving in Denver to be turned loose somewhere in Colorado.  Lions in Colorado instead of where God placed them.

Before the great and dreadful day of the Lord when he will judge all nations by Jesus Christ. It is disheartening what is taking place. Yet it is exciting because it is solid proof the day of the Lord is near, even at the door.

The story goes that this is being done by animal rights activists. Yes these lions are being turned loose in Colorado so these natural born killers can be free to roam over confined acres.

In Colorado wild horses still roam free.  But now lions will be prowling around. Possessed by no instinct except to kill.

They said they rescued them from circuses to set them free. Nothing was said about these wild African beasts being so confined within an area that there was NO chance of them ever escaping to roam city streets where undoubtedly they will kill humans. Perhaps children.

How now can one go camping or hunting? That without your knowledge just when you arrived at your campsite a lion is reported missing from the so called confined area. This is not good news for you. That escaped lion could be heading right to the tent where you are sleeping..

This information is in the of Revelation of Jesus Christ that one of the ways large parts of the human population will die in the last days is they will be killed by wild beasts. This scripture (quoted at top of this page) is being fulfilled right now and the television show Fatal Attraction testifies to this.

What wisdom is involved in bringing beasts to live in an American home? None. What good can come of bringing wild African lions to live in Colorado? I see none.

No plan is perfect except God’s. No plan formed by man is foolproof. History attests to this sad fact.

Be advised that it is certain God would not approve of bringing wild beasts into cities and towns and homes.

Even zoos are wrong in my opinion. Animals were created by God to live free right where He placed them.  In my hometown in Colorado a lion was kept for years enclosed in a cage where it paced back and forth for years and years. How cruel to do this to animals the Lord created to live free. Taking polar bears and trapping them in a small area just to collect money from people coming to see it slowly lose its mind.

I know for a fact that God has nothing to do with these unwise and selfish acts.

I hate this crazy idea. But I prayed for the Lord’s protection on my family (I want all people safe) from these wild ravening beasts whose natural instinct is to kill. I will never agree that a wild animal can become anyone’s friend. Sooner or later his natural instinct will show itself.

But from the days of Eden to now man thinks he knows better than God.

No small wonder our world is in such a condition that only the intervention of God can fix what is wrong.

I have heard of a snake found in a baby’s crib. Of course the baby had been killed by this evil beast. A snake that was kept as a pet by the parents of the child.

I saw an episode on Fatal Attraction where a man had been killed by large lizards he had taken in as pets. He was found with most of his face chewed away. Fatal Attraction is devoted to reporting people being killed by wild beasts. John the apostle saw this happening two millennia ago.

How wise is it to go against the will of God? Only disaster can and will result. God would never have approved of this man taking in large crawling lizards into his home.

While the world parties and laughs. While the world desperately tries to think of ways to improve their economies and exalt their nations. While the world invents new ways to have fun. While millions search and strive for ways to make their lives better.  While the world eats drinks and makes merry These things are  happening before their eyes, yet it seems they do not see it. I keep up with what God is doing and I keep up with what man is doing. From this I can see what the devil is doing to destroy.

God said in the Bible, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.” (OT) one preacher said “Lord deliver us from stupid.”

Satan laughs as he works his evil magic right under the nose of the human race. They party while he destroys their lives using deceit and false peace to subdue them.

Fatal Attraction airs true stories of Americans who were killed by their pets. Large poisonous snakes and colossal sized lizards along with monkeys and chimpanzees attacking and killing their owners.

Taking in tigers or leopards or panthers or elephants to live on your property to be “friends” with them has proved a fatal and unwise decision for many.

Even when these wild beasts are supposedly confined in circuses some have gotten loose and killed people as they went on a wild run. They don’t know you don’t want to die. They are not concerned with that. They will be themselves just how God made them.

Recently a woman was killed by a whale at a sea show. The Bible said these things would happen. It is happening because God knew way back that people would lose all respect for these creatures.

And they call it love.  Animal lovers? I think not. They form groups and ask for money to “save the whales” and “save the snakes” and “save the dogs”. And all the while human beings for whom Christ died are dying without food without clothing without shelter and without love. Who is saving them? I love animals and show it by leaving them alone.

Animals have survived thousands of years without human help.

A famous animal “trainer” was seriously mauled onstage by a tiger. He nearly died from the attack. Using animals for entertainment and to make money to enrich oneself is not the will of God.

All of these horrendous deaths are part of his judgments for not respecting his order. God is a God of laws. Go against those laws and you will die. Make no mistake about it.  You will die.

Only Christ fulfilled God’s laws and without him in you, you have no protection from the wrath of God upon all who disregard God’s laws.

You may have a thousand degrees behind your name, but if you do not fear God aka respecting his laws than you have failed to understand the reality of the world we live in..

Jump off a cliff and be sure his law of gravity will take you down. Eat what is bad for you and be sure you will die young. Commit adultery and watch it destroy your home and family. Steal and go to jail. Laws it is all about his laws.

What guarantee does anyone have that he can be climbing a mountain or trekking through a woods that he will not come face to face with one of these wild beasts brought to America by those who do not fear God neither know him? Now is the time to pray for his protection.

The Bible clearly teaches that if God isn’t protecting you you are  not protected. Jesus said without him you can do what? Nothing. No thing.

But God gets the blame for man’s utter disregard for the laws of God.

That is why the world goes to psychiatrists to listen to their troubles because they know the shrink will blame everyone but them.

Yes even trying to use going against God’s laws to enrich themselves at the expense of the wild beasts.  They call them circuses but the only circus is the one Satan made of their lives

God gave man dominion over the earth and all its creatures. But it is respecting those wild beasts using common sense that the dominion over them is manifested. Not hugging them and kissing them. Not dancing with them.

Not for taking them into your homes to live with your precious children did God create them.

And calling them your friend is not what God meant when he gave man dominion over the earth and its creatures. God gave us a brain and he expects us to exercise common sense and leave the wild beasts where he placed them.

Timothy Treadwell went to befriend” the grizzlies in their natural habitat. It wasn’t long before he was found dead along with his girlfriend. Both killed by the bears they attempted to live with. Timothy Treadwell was half eaten when he was found.

A man so many loved known as the crocodile man died after he tried to ride a stingray but the stingray did what came natural.  How God made the stingray is how the stingray responded to what it perceived as an attack. Right into the heart of this man went the stinger and killed him instantly. Sad and true.

I asked one of my sons how could it be that the stinger went right directly into his heart? Why not his leg or his hand so he might have survived?  My son replied, How does a bird scratching along the ground know exactly where that worm is that he pulls out? God created these creatures with survival instincts. They know exactly what to do to survive no matter who gets hurt.

Walking near alligators and crocodiles is asking for trouble. Walking down forest trails or trekking through woods has been the cause of many a tragedy. A child disappeared from behind his dad as they hiked along a mountain trail. Days later he was found dead. Obviously he had been killed and eaten by a wild beast. Nothing was found but his little trousers turned inside out..

A Cry In The Dark… the story of the baby taken by a wild beast, from the tent where this family was camping one dark night, never to be seen again. Sad and tragic but true.

No one can say God did not warn us. It is all recorded millennia ago in the Holy Bible.

We were warned what would happen if we did not OBEY his laws. But God knew man would not do what he said and so many are dying by wild beasts.

And those who still live with these killer animals have NO way of knowing if that wild beast will not suddenly attack and kill him. It is a chance they take.

And  these beasts are seen and treated as humans. The owners hug them even kiss them. Many people have been mauled and scratched and some mercilessly  killed by these creatures whose instinct is to kill and eat not adapt to humans. God didn’t make wild beasts to be taken as pets but to be respected and left alone in their natural habitat.

A woman on the Oprah Show discussed there how her face had been mauled away by a monkey. She is unrecognizable and has undergone numerous surgeries to somehow reconstruct her face where she can at least eat and chew the food she needs to survive.

People taking these wild beasts into their homes, their yards, their neighborhoods which finally kill them. Or others. Not a good idea.

But John the great apostle exiled on Patmos for the testimony of Jesus Christ in about 90 AD where he received the revelation of Jesus Christ there by the Aegean sea in Greece, saw these things and wrote them down for us.  So we can know what is coming and how to escape it.

So we can know of what will happen before it happens so we can move with fear and prepare to escape those things that are coming on the earth.

Noah when he was told by God of the great deluge coming on the earth..”moved with fear and prepared an ark to the saving of his household.”

I have seen segments where a snake wrapped its evil self around the body of its owner and slowly crushed its owner to death. Where an exotic animal owner reached  into the cage to grab the snake and the snake did what comes natural it struck its owner with its poisonous fangs. Death followed.

I read many years ago of a woman Grace Wiley who kept cobras until the day one struck her with its fangs.  She would order them from overseas and they would arrive at her house. She kept cobras until one killed her.

Her first-aid kit was old and dirty and rusty. It was useless. She knew enough about cobras to know that after it bit her, her fate was sealed. There was a witness to this. When the man who witnessed it saw the fangs sink in, he knew Grace Wiley was a dead woman. She was.

The Bible is clear that during the tribulation, during the time when the judgments of God are coming on the earth, these very things will be part of his judgments. Human beings killed by wild beasts.

God forbid I ever walk through a park or down a city street. When suddenly there coming at me is a hungry wild lion looking for food.

Some may argue that this has always happened. I think not. In the Bible David killed a lion and a bear that came against him by the power of God.

In these last days it will only be God that can protect anyone from being savagely killed by these wild beasts as then.  Respect his laws. Never has it been as it is now.

I’m not judging these people who bring exotic animals into their homes. But I am against it. I pray for God’s protection on myself as well as my family to protect us from these wild beasts the Bible says will be part of the plagues that destroy mankind.

What is this world coming to? Its end because God promised to end these evil things that men do. Men blame God for what they themselves do that is destroying not only the planet but their own lives also.

Google this;

Mass Python Hunt After Tot Strangled By Snake

©2011 bdob

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lynda Travis on February 23, 2011 at 15:56

    In regards to the pestilence that the white horse will bring, there are tons of new unkown diseases that are killing off species by the millions, specifically 90% of bats!
    Also, we are mutating animals because so many young girls out there want to be on birth control, which contains estrogen and the estrogen is horomonely changing wild and domestic animals in disturbing ways.
    Also, it has been reported that polar bears in the artic are being exposed to estrogen causing them to develop both sex organs, which is leading to their speciation!
    So I see great pestilence occuring as well and as we both know the famine is obvious especially in Africa where the white man injected blacks with aids!
    Good blog! Think about all the people who go to Vegas to watch poor wild tigers jump through hoops! No wonder that guy got his face malled!


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