Science Must Confirm Fulfilled Prophecy

If the Lord had not shortened those days, no one would be saved. But for the sake of the elect whom he has chosen, he has shortened those days. (Mark 13:20)

Xeni Jardin wrote on an Internet  page this amazing fact;

“The magnitude 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile over the weekend—killing hundreds, and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless—may have shortened the length of each Earth day, according to JPL research scientist Richard Gross.”

“He computed how Earth’s rotation should have changed as a result of the Feb.27 quake. Using a complex model, he and fellow scientists came up with a preliminary calculation that the quake should have shortened the length of an Earth day by about 1.26 microseconds (a microsecond is one millionth of a second).Perhaps more impressive is how much the quake shifted Earth’s axis. Gross calculates the quake should have moved Earth’s figure axis (the axis about which Earth’s mass is balanced) by 2.7 milliard seconds (about 8 centimeters, or 3 inches). Earth’s figure axis is not the same as its north-south axis; they are offset by about 10 meters (about 33 feet).”

When that horrendous devastating tsunami hit Indonesia a few years ago I was watching the news  report its devastating effects. The weatherman reported that the earthquake had shifted the earth so many inches to the left.

I can’t recall the weatherman might have said it shifted to the right. At any rate the days have been shortened and once again science confirms what Thus saith the Lord.

Hence it shortened the days.

This is what Jesus said that he would shorten the days right before his appearing. I remember when I was a child growing up in Colorado the days seemed like they would never end. From morning to nightfall the hours went on and on long and lazy.

Many say it was because of the absence of so much technology then. So be it. And the days are shorter now because of technology.

But God literally did shorten the days.

Christians are accused of being doomsday fanatics. Not so. We keep up with what God is doing in the world.  It is our calling to watch and pray.

Science confirms what the Lord said.

Chilean Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days”...if you Google this it will take you to NASA where this is. [ I don’t want to add links here; the link owner may not want me to.]

The days have been shortened and so it will be he said right before he returns to set up his kingdom which will have its headquarters in Jeruslaem.

And the Internet is one of the last day means he provided to get the gospel out to the world.

As John the apostle said in the last chapter of the Bible…”Even so come Lord Jesus.”


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