The Pale Horse of Death in America

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Pale Horse of Death in America…..”Mass Python Hunt After Tot Strangled By Snake

Snake experts have begun an attempt to capture an estimated 100,000 pythons said to be on the loose in Florida after a toddler was strangled to death in the state. They have been granted licenses to hunt, trap and kill the snakes by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

It is expected that the hunt will last several months, and more permits may be granted depending on its success.

The hunt was sparked following the death of a two-year-old girl who was killed in her bed by a pet python earlier this month.

The 8.5ft long snake belonged to Shaiunna Hare’s mother’s boyfriend and had escaped from its cage.

Authorities are blaming the huge number of pythons in the state on a fad to keep them as pets.

Scientists believe pet owners have freed their snakes into the wild after they became too big to keep.”

Who can deny we are in the times of the end? The pale horse of death is here. War disease famine and wild beasts are killing multitudes. Whose fault is it? Man without God.

Pythons loose in America. Lions roaming in Colorado. Though these killer lions are kept in a confined area is not proof they will stay there. All it takes is one mistake on a human’s part and a lion is loose to roam anywhere his instincts take him. And humans are famous for making mistakes. See the history of the world and I will prove my point. The pythons are doing what comes naturally; multiplying and slithering where their instinct takes them.

I’ve read reports on the news of snakes turning up in toilets in suburbia. How did they get there? Through sewers. How did they get in the sewers? The issue really is how did they get to America? By people ordering them to keep as pets.

Then when their python is too big they turn it loose in the Everglades.

To multiply and travel the land. What now? Our rivers and lakes and streams a breeding ground for wild poisonous snakes.

Why didn’t the animal activists return these wild beasts back to where God placed them? Because they think they know better than God how to care for these wild beasts.

There is no doubt we are living in the times of the pale horse of Death. When war and famine are killing people. And disease and wild beasts are ending lives. When was cancer as it is now? Heart attacks and strokes and high blood pressure is not the history of the world. But these diseases are the history of America.

I heard three Christian men all ministers of the gospel warn that we must pray for our families for God to protect them. . I daily pray for God’s protection on my family so we will escape what is not only still coming on the earth, but is already here.

I don’t expect God to protect my family if I do not obey him. He is a covenant God; I do this and he will do that. He drew up the contract I signed one day when I decided to follow him.

The days of vengeance the days of judgments of God.

Who told these people to order these wild beasts from their natural habitat in foreign lands? Who told the people filling these orders for snakes to put them in crates and send them to America? Who decided that pythons will make pets for families? Who decided that lions will fare well in Colorado instead of Africa?

I will tell you who. It wasn’t God. It was man without God.

But God still gets the blame for the foolish things men do.

God help our land and God have mercy on this nation for allowing this evil to penetrate our shores and land.

While America parties and keeps up with what celebrities are doing the enemy invades deeper and deeper into the hearts and lives of its citizens.

While America watches what Hollywood is wearing the enemy works his evil in the land. While men deny him and others accuse God still he is there with open arms to receive us if we only turn to him.

God offers no protection to those who do not obey him.

I am angry. I have children and grandchildren. Daily I pray for them that whatever the cost, whatever measure God must take that he would do his will with them. In God I trust all others are the usual suspects.

Please turn to him today in repentance and sorrow for your sins.

He will forgive and lead you aright.


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