Why Must We Die?

Why is it that a doctor can tell you you have cancer? Because he has knowledge of these things.

How is it he can tell you exactly where the cancer is?  He examined you and took tests.  And why is he able to inform you as to how advanced it is? He studied its progress. Why is it a doctor can look you right in the eye and say You have cancer and have only three months to live? He learned how to do this.

But how to rid your body of the cancer he has not a clue. All the treatments given which cost untold billions of dollars for the most part do nothing.

People die everyday of cancer. Even children. This is indeed heartbreaking to see cancer kill but to see it kill children it seems is extra hard to see.

The article I posted on this blog about cancer tells of how they have spent billions of donated dollars to find (as if the cure is lost somewhere) the cure (as if there is one) for this disease.

What is cancer? Well firstly cancer is just a word. But the fact of the matter is concerning the disease, for no reason that is good, the body begins to die. This is what they call cancer.

The person who has cancer is dying. We need our cells healthy to live. But if they begin to do what cancer cells do it is sure the victim is dying. But why?

I know of people who have been miraculously healed of cancer by God after prayer. Jesus Christ healed many people in the Bible who did not even ask him for healing. He healed them because he loved them.

Some might say the body healed itself when someone goes into remission.

If the body healed itself of cancer than why don’t all cancer ridden bodies heal themselves of cancer? Aren’t we all created equal?

If this is true that the body healed itself in cases where healing took place then obviously the body that doesn’t so called heal itself is a faulty body. In contrast bodies who heal themselves are obviously made differently or why did they heal themselves when other bodies did not?

Then wisdom would dictate that they must study bodies that heal themselves versus bodies that refuse to heal themselves.  Find out the difference. Interview the owners of the bodies that so called healed themselves and find out exactly what they did to bring about the healing.

Or the dying bodies don’t know how to heal themselves. Or people who die from cancer have  bodies that don’t want to heal themselves.

I read in a national magazine of a man who had cancer. He lay dying in a hospital bed. His friends who loved him dearly and who were members of the club he had joined were there for him.

They begged him to get well. They pleaded with him to do it for them. They sang to him and of course prayed for him.  Their love for him was so real and effective the man recovered and went home cancer free.

Literally these people loved him back to health.

Can love heal us? yes. Can hate kill us? yes. But why in some cases do people still die no matter how much they are loved. And why do some people live no matter how much they are hated?

Cancer is a killer an agent of hate for the body sent (what sent it?) to kill it (but why?). And in killing it it wants to inflict great pain as it slowly destroys the body of the person.

To be continued….

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