Animal Rights Activists Need A Psychiatrist

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Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth? (Ecclesiastes 3:21)

I am totally against the notion that animals have rights. I love people too much to care about animals. I won’t hurt animals. But I won’t defend them either. They have survived for thousands of years without my help…..or the help of the animal rights activists.

I saw dying baby birds that fell from their nests lying on the ground. I walked past them knowing that this is part of nature.
Jesus said that God sees the sparrow that falls. But he never said anything about me taking care of it.

He never said that I need to go buy a baby bottle and start feeding the baby birds by hand.
If I did stop what I was doing to buy a baby bottle fill it with milk and tenderly and lovingly feed the dying bird then I need my kids to sign a court order to lock me up for no doubt I need a psychiatrist. Or I need a preacher to cast that devil out of me.

Christ died for people not for animals therefore they have no rights in my opinion.
I see them as having feelings except for snakes which I do not think have any feelings, and if they do I do not care.

I hope it isn’t so that the Bubonic Plague swept through Europe killing millions of human beings because of the animal rights activists waging a huge campaign to save the rats.

Animal activists are to the point of lunacy. I don’t care if that ant is stepped on, I will step on it myself.

If the seas and oceans are empty of whales I couldn’t care less.  I don’t care if all the penguins die. I am not worried if the sharks become extinct.

God can handle it.

I don’t give a hoot about animals unless they are in their natural habitat. It is people that concern me.

I cannot say it is within me to love animals. I have an indifference toward them. I would not hurt them in a million years but to protect them and treat them better than humans I think not.

God does not require that of me nor did he make me to love them.
He gave me respect for him who made them to leave them where he placed them. In the wild.
All the 25 lions in Colorado along with other wild beasts that the animal rights activists are rounding up are in the wrong country!

God get them out of here!

I have a great idea what animal rights activists do with all the creatures and wild vicious man eating beasts they round up; take them back to the country they are from and live with them there.

They love snakes? Let then go live with them in Borneo and everywhere else these beasts are.
Why do they insist on forcing everyone to accept their distorted view of the value of life?
Do they care that snake cannot be trusted in a baby’s crib?
What about a Rottweiler? Can it be trusted?
They don’t care about that they care about animals the very ones that would kill them in a heartbeat if it came to them or the animals.

What is wrong with these people that they love animals to the point of endangering human lives?
Something is wrong with these people.
Why don’t they get themselves down to the Florida Everglades and volunteer to locate and cage all those wild evil beasts pythons that number almost 200,000?
God please give animal rights activists a sound mind,
in Jesus name.

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  1. (insult deleted) Of course animals have been fine for thousands of years. They were fine at one time because HUMANS didnt over populate the entire WORLD and kick them out of their natural habitat,(insult deleted).If it werent for humans, animals wouldnt need animal rights activists! Animals cannot talk, defend themselves, stand up for themselves. Have you seen the Cove? have you seen the PETA videos? I am by no means a vegetarian but after reading, REASEARCHING (HEARD OF IT) where my food comes from, I didnt eat meat for almost a year. They torture the animals. Nothing is wrong with animal activists they are just more enlighted and educated in the situation than you are.

    Also, no animal rights activist is saying “SCREW HUMANS! ONLY CARE ABOUT ANIMALS!” Youre just putting words in their mouths and elaborating on a situation that isnt even relevant. I love dolphins, so youre saying I should go live with them?…why would I do that, I cant breath under water. I defend them because they are intelligent creatures, that for your information, have saved human lives. You should do more research before you open your mouth about something like this.
    (Insults deleted)


  2. You are a perfect example of an animal defender who attacks human beings to defend what would eat you for lunch if it was hungry.
    I don’t need to do ANY research to know that those who reject the human race to die for animals need therapy.
    Your entire argument is an attack against those who do not share your view that animals have more rights than human beings.
    You are the one who needs to do some research. Do some on the suffering people of the world.
    I don’t have time to fight for animals when those for whom Christ died need HIM.
    Let me make this as clear as possible. I love people!
    Animals need to fend for themselves!
    I had to delete your verbal attacks.
    I don’t say you do but; anyone who hugs and kisses monkeys and trees definitely needs help.
    As for your accusation that Christians turn people like you from God that is your decision don’t blame us.


  3. In your comment filled with insults…you attacked me, a human being, to defend what would kill you.
    You defend a lizard that would eat your face while you sleep.
    you defend a whale that would swallow you.
    You defend non-humans while attacking humans.
    You defend snakes that would wrap themselves around you and crush you to death.
    You defend animals and viciously attack human beings as you did to me in your comment.
    I rest my case about animal activists.


  4. Posted by Demetra on June 21, 2011 at 17:43

    “You again, put words in my mouth. I am a Christian”

    Christians do not say what you said to me that I had to delete.
    Your words inspired me to write my latest blog on using words to kill.

    (All insults deleted)


  5. Posted by HumanActivist on June 21, 2011 at 19:21

    I don’t understand how you can say that because Christ died for “people” that “animals” deserve to suffer. Not die. I have no problem with death, human or animal. I do have a problem with suffering. There are alot of animals that are unnecessarily tortured all the time. What is your rational on that? God says (Profanity deleted) snakes? let em all be tortured forever? Stop trying to use God to justify your lack of care for animals that can feel pain just like humans. I too would allocate our scarce resources towards humans over animals, but I wouldn’t knowningly sit around while there are humans torturing animals unnecessarily. You sound like you read genesis one too many times there (insult deleted) Its supposed to be a metaphor. Snakes aren’t really evil, you (Insult deleted). I hate spiders, but I don’t think they deserved to be tortured and God didn’t say (profanity deleted) them because they aren’t humans.


    • Where did I say that animals deserve to suffer?
      You do not understand what I blogged about.
      It is the animal rights activists that torture animals by forcing them to live where God DID NOT put them.
      Here is how I love animals: I leave them where God put them.


      • Posted by HumanActivist on June 22, 2011 at 00:16

        “You didn’t say directly that animals deserve to suffer, but you clearly imply it since you don’t think animal right’s activists should continue fighting for animal rights. Living with humans is not an animal right and it is not something that animal rights activists fight for. Why would you think that they are fighting to force animals to live with people? They are fighting to keep animals from being treated inhumanely. Yes there are alot of snakes in Florida. Most of them were there before the people were. The people who live there made a conscious choice to live there, where the snakes/ tengus live. If you don’t like them, move somewhere where they aren’t. And stop bringing God into this. God put them on Earth, the same place he put us. Animal poachers and exotic pet owners are the reasons for foreign animals over here. So you can stop talking (profanity deleted) on animal rights activists now that you maybe know what they are.”

        I implied nothing of the sort. Your focus is out of focus. If you want animals to be treated right then you need to focus on changing people not attacking them as you are doing to me.
        I don’t need to move anywhere to get away from animals. I don;t want wild beasts around me OR my family. Or anyone for that matter.
        The Bible says this will happen that men will be killed by wild beasts. It is because they go where the beasts are. They should respect the animals as I do and stay away from them.
        People who own exotic pets are not thinking sensibly.
        I know what an animal rights activist is.
        God never put pythons in America they were brought here.
        People need to respect wild beasts and stay away from them. some pets are okay but having a python for a pet is just NOT a good idea.

  6. “If god doesn’t care about animals why was bringing two of them on the arc such a big deal? If a certain race of animals died, humans would suffer”

    I take it you did not read the blog. I never said God doesn’t love animals. But he doesn’t expect me to treat them like people.
    I believe animals belong in their natural habitat where GOD put them. He did not make cobras to live in my house. He did not make bears to eat me alive if they find me on their turf.
    He expects me to exercise common sense.
    You are the one who doesn’t understand anything I said.
    I don’t hate animals. I respect the God who made them. I show that respect by leaving them where he put them.
    Read my blog on Pale Horse in America and humans being killed by wild beasts.


  7. Posted by HumanActivist on June 22, 2011 at 05:45

    [Well I just think it should be made clear that animal rights activists aren’t fighting so that animals have human rights. Mainly they are just fighting for the animals right to be alive and not living in a horrible situation. No one is defending the python’s right to live under your house. Call animal control. I’m just saying don’t go move into the swamps of florida and then complain about (Ignorance deleted) that is already living there. Also, you may want to talk to someone about your interpretations of the bible. It is not ment to be taken literally. The “beasts” are not out to get you. They simply run on instinct and all they know is self preservation. How can you blame them? If you truely believe in God, you know that everything that happens is planned and accepted by God. So, yea if you get eaten by a bear, thats what God put him there for, among other things. And we aren’t attacking you, but you do scare me more than most animals. They are easy to predict at least.]

    You miss the entire point of what I said about crazies who bring dangerous beasts into this nation. It is not necessary to bring pythons and cobras and monitor lizards into civilized cities. Or into homes. It is not necessary to go live among dangerous beasts.
    I need to talk to no one about the Bible. I know God for myself. No one knows him for me.
    Oh yes animals are easy to predict. Go tell that to the people who have been killed by wild beasts. Right now that poor lady who was viciously attacked by a monkey just had more surgery to reconstruct her face. The so called cute little monkey tore her face to a mass of bleeding meat.
    I wrote about all this evil in m y blog Pale Horse of death in America.
    Anyone can see it is happening that wild beasts are killing humans. Why? because they either go to where they are. Or they b ring them here. Don’t try to convince me it is alright to bring these wild un-tameable beasts to live among humans.
    That two-year old killed by a python in HER OWN HOUSE IN HER OWN CRIB all because someone thought it was a good idea to have one for a pet.
    Even some dogs are dangerous. Some have killed children. If you want to make a difference than turn your focus that these wild man killing eating beasts are RESPECTED by the crazies who bring them to this nation.

    I know what love is. So don’t try to tell me what a pet is and what a wild beast is. I also know that it is utter stupidity to have for pets wild dangerous beasts.
    I stand by what I said about giving rights to dangerous animals. The only right they need is the right to live unmolested by man in their natural environment.
    Protect dogs and cats and the like. But my point is do not protect wild beasts that maim and kill humans if given the chance.
    Fight so these wild beasts will be left in their natural habitat. It is the animal rights activists that are responsible for these wild killing beasts being in our nation. You cannot deny . I will not fight for wild beasts to be given the time and opportunity to kill children or anyone for that matter in our nation. Get a grip!
    Ask the Native Americans if pythons lived here or monitor lizards or tigers or leopards were put here by God.. ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS are responsible for bringing wild beasts here. Yes I understand you fighting to stop abuse. But you have your priorities confused.
    Adopt a pet poodle dog BUT leave those pythons where God put them.


  8. I am certain you did not read my blog Pale Horse of death in America. It explains perfectly my stand on animals.
    I am for family pets IF it is a cute nice little dog or cat or horse or cow or turtle or whatever.
    But dangerous wild beasts have NO place among the human race. Go see where GOD put them then go figure why.
    If you really want to make a difference then address the wrong thinking people who bring wild beasts to this nation. Change them and the animal abuse will stop.
    If you know of animals being abused which some are, then you need to address the real problem..the HEART of the person who abuses animals.


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