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Job Mocked by his Wife

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And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, he is in your hand; but touch not his life. (Job 2:6) The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life. (Job 33:4)

Probably millions of teachings on the book of Job.

Many know the story of God and Satan discussing the righteous man Job. The book of Job. Its lessons are inexhaustible.

Job was super rich and had a wife and ten children. He had many possessions. Each morning he would rise early to offer sacrifices to the Lord just in case his kids had sinned.

His kids would regularly meet together to party and have a good time. Taking turns using each others homes to wine and dine, they partied..

But the story opens with the sons of God coming to present themselves before the Lord. Sounds like they were checking in. All give account to God.

Satan came among them…..and God asked the devil where he had been. Not that God didn’t know; he is omniscient. But the devil had to answer the Lord ( so we could learn) and said he had been walking to and fro in the earth.

Great to know that he is not omnipresent as is God.The book of Job is like a handbook on the devil.

Peter the apostle learned this about the devil from Job’s book and told us..as a roaring lion Satan walks to and fro in the earth seeking whom he may devour.

He also wasn’t flying around but walking back and forth. He did not have a horse or a car, not even a camel. He had to walk everywhere he went.

Also not appearing and reappearing. Sounds like he was pacing.. like a lion in a cage. He was seeking someone to devour that day.He wanted to kill someone because the devil is always in a killing mood.

But God asks him a very interesting question...Have you considered my servant Job?First the question to Satan… then God describes Job to the devil in a few words. There is none like him in all the earth.

You would think that statement from God would have given the devil his first clue to run as fast as his evil legs could carry him away from Job!.

God blessed Job when he said THAT about him; it was his seal of approval on the life Job lived;There is none like him in all the earth. Job was not only a tuffy for the devil to destroy; he was an impossibility. Satan did not stop to think that since God said that about Job that there is none like him in all the earth he fears God and eschews evil..it would be pointless for him to attack him.

Would you attack a brigade with 50,000 soldiers and you have none? Satan did!

The devil who is known for his lying deceiving and stealing and murdering ways still thought he would give it a shot if God would only give him permission. He is desperate!

I will not say God was bragging on Job as some have said, but God was telling the devil that Job served God and was not interested in serving evil.He identified Job to the accuser as one who chooses to obey God. He fears God and eschews evil.

So with all God was saying the devil would have to totally destroy what God SAID!

It was basically the word of God against the word of the devil.

Satan had no chance!

Why did God do this?…The fall in Eden brought man trials and tests and tribulations. All by his own choice when he decided to not do what the Lord commanded him. It is in our DNA to do wrong. But something else is in us also. Life. And that life in us is the breath of God.

This is why babies in the womb from the moment they’re conceived have the breath of life in them. Because God breathed it into the human race way back in Eden. Abortion is the deliberate attack against the breath of God. An attack against what God said in ;that when God breathed into Adam he became a living soul. Babies no matter how far along the pregnancy is the breath of life from Eden is present in the baby.

So now the Lord allows this to take place in Job’s life all because man disobeyed God to begin with. Man took of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

He now knows good and evil and Job is no exception to what happened in Eden. Now it is happening to Job. He has knowledge of both.

Had there been no fall in Eden there would have been no question from God to Satan; have you considered my servant Job?

Satan then accuses God by saying Job only serves God because he is rich. Now that was a dumb thing to say since we all know that most rich people don’t even know God much less serve him.

Then Satan suggests to God to stretch forth his hand and that Job would curse him to his face.

Another dumb thing to say because God’s outstretched hand blesses not curses. And this was something the devil did not consider because he did not know.

Much information on the devil in this book to put in our arsenal. None endorses him as having anything to ask or say that is not but what produces sin and death. The Bible says we are not ignorant of his devices.

God was basically telling the devil that he going after Job would be like going on a wild goose chase, but he didn’t listen and got himself defeated again. He could not say God did not warn him.

His telling God to stretch forth his hand was pointless but revealing for us. He telling God that Job serves God because he is rich was also pointless but revealing for us to learn some of our enemy’s tactics.

“May devour” is what Peter said later in one of his epistles. May devour are the key words here. Job could not be devoured because he chose to use the life (breath of God in him) to serve the Lord. His word to the devil was..NO you may not devour me! for I know that my Redeemer lives! The One who gave me all this stuff and now has taken it away? He loves me!

Some choose to use the breath of God (their life) for evil as case after case testifies.

I mentioned that Job had a hedge around him that is why he is such an obedient servant.

That also proved to be dumb because as soon as the hedge was removed what did Job do? Immediately fell on his face and worshiped God and said The Lord gave and the Lord took away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

God gave Satan the green light.

Behold, he is in thine hand; but touch not his life. Or we could say that God said… Touch not my breath in him! I am sure he could not touch the breath of God in Job but he sure touched Job’s possessions. They were gone! But that was not his life.
His children all dead in one day.
They were not his life! His wife told him to curse God and die! His wife was not his life.
Obviously Job never told his wife….”Honey you are my life; my reason for living.” or my children are my life. It also was not his health because that went also.

Job knew exactly what he was saying when he said “NAKED came I into this world and naked shall I return. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Job knew God and he also knew that everything he had including his breath came from the Lord.

Forgive the expressions, but Satan was beating a dead horse. He was barking up the wrong tree! He was trying to nail jelly to a wall. He was trying to dance on quicksand. He was trying to touch the moon with his finger. He was going against the word of God; the word which breathed into Job (who was one of Adam’s descendants) the breath of life!

and Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord.

Now all the things Job lost can be replaced in a way. But not his breath; that was his life; His decision making breath of life that decided to serve God no matter what! Finally Job says and the devil heard him….“Even if he slays me I will trust him!

Job gave the devil no blame or credit for his sufferings. He told his wife Shall I receive good from God and not evil? Satan didn’t even get a dishonorable mention. Job gave all the glory to God for everything. He didn’t see his trials as him and life or him and the devil. But it was God and him. Job and the Almighty!

Job’s actions said “No matter what happens he is God. I am a worm and nothing. He is the Potter and I am the clay. If he wants to bless me he will and if he wants to make me suffer he will, and who can stop it. I will praise him anyway and why not? He has blessed me also! I think Job was a genius at reasoning and logic.

Whereas Satan tells God to stretch forth his hand and he will curse you to your face. God’s outstretched hand will bring blessings not cursing. It’s that hedge he has around him that is making him be a good man the devil insists. I can only conclude that the devil hadn’t noticed any rich people and how they do not serve God and still have riches. Serving God and riches do not necessarily come together.

It was not a hedge that kept Job it was his decision to serve the Lord. With the breath (life) the Lord gave him he used it to praise God. Because Job realized that it was the Lord who gave him his breath in the first place..there was nothing dumb about Job.

Sorry I can’t say the same about his wife. “Curse God and die” is not good advice!

So the devil went forth from the presence of God and this had to be in order for him to go tempt the good man Job.

God had given the devil on order TOUCH NOT his life.

What was Job’s life? We learn from Genesis that God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul.

In other words God told Satan you cannot and will not touch my breath in Job.

In this life we can be tested and tried. We can go through great tribulation and we will. Many of us are called to wade through deep waters. Some through fire and some die in the battles of life.

But we know from this book that our God is victorious! His breath cannot be touched. The life he gave us is off limits to the devil. Use it to obey God.

What God breathed into us is his breath and it is untouchable.

God controlled the life of Job because Job served God. “There is none like him...God said of Job…”Job chose to use the life (God’s breath) he had to do good. And God honored that. He honors himself because nothing else is worth honoring. When God swore he swore by himself since nothing else was worthy to swear by.

The breath he gave us is our life and it is not open to the devil.

It is your life. Is it your wife? Your husband? Your children? Your possessions?

Your health? Your friends?

It is the breath of God in you!

Use it to serve God and even if he slays you trust him for he is God!

Satan cannot touch my life. The breath of God in me.


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