Preach the Gospel Not Run For Public Office

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JESUS our LORD commanded his followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature…but what exactly is the world? We know Jesus meant the geographical world. That is where the apostles went; into the geographical world to preach the gospel to every creature.

The world killed all the apostles save for John whom they exiled to Patmos to die there. How could we love this system this world that has shown through all of history to be the enemy of God and his people? Yet the religious right say we not only need to love the world but be a part of it and subdue it and make it bow to God.

Paul established seven churches in Asia Minor. Not once do the apostles teach to go into politics to change their nation.

Acts 21 1And it came to pass, that after we were gotten from them, and had launched, we came with a straight course unto Coos, and the day following unto Rhodes, and from thence unto Patara:

2And finding a ship sailing over unto Phoenicia, we went aboard, and set forth.

3Now when we had discovered Cyprus, we left it on the left hand, and sailed into Syria, and landed at Tyre: for there the ship was to unlade her burden.

Paul was traveling not running for public office as Rick Joyner says Christians need to do.

The religious right desire to conquer the world beginning with America so all of the people will bow to their beliefs.

When the truth is people need to come to Jesus to be saved. And when the heart is changed the flesh dead and the soul saved they will not run for public office but go into all the world and save the lost. Not try to get into the white house.

You simply cannot legislate morality. You cannot by making a law force anyone to love his brother. Jesus talked of a new birth, of putting new wine into new bottles not old bottles,  of sewing a new cloth on a new garment not a old piece of cloth on a new coat.

Is this what Jesus taught for us to run for public office or vote for Christians who were running for public office? It is not in  the Bible for Christians to be involved in politics. Never once did Jesus recommend Tiberius. Nor did he stand on the corner handing out flyers for the politicians.

When ever did Jesus dine with Caesar or vote for him? Never.  He was out healing the sick, feeding the hungry multitudes and forgiving men’s sins.

No he did not cast his vote for Caesar nor did he organize a campaign to be elected to any office.

He was executed by the Roman government. He had all power as was demonstrated by his miracles, by his resurrection from the dead. Yet he allowed the Roman government in conspiracy with the scribes and Pharisees to falsely arrest him, accuse him, try him and have him put to death.

How easily Jesus could have overthrown the Roman government and sat on Caesar’s seat to subdue the liberals of his day.

I heard Rick Joyner say Jesus meant more than the geographical world, that Jesus meant to get involved in the things of the world such as politics or entertainment, sports, etc.

But where did the disciples do this? Did Peter ever run for public office to be a senator in Rome. Did Paul ever campaign to become a “conservative” Caesar? Did any of the apostles ever say one thing that pointed the Christians to do this?

History teaches us that this is precisely want brought on the dark ages. It was when religion and government hooked up in the days of Constantine the Roman emperor.

Paul was a Pharisee a member of the Sanhedrin (he cast his vote to have Stephen stoned to death so evidently he was married at one time and a member) but he said that all he had accomplished he counted it as dung that he may win Christ.

He said he died daily not campaigned to see a christian win an election to a Roman seat or office. It was the government that Paul was brought before. And what did he tell them when he had the opportunity to speak? He told of how the Lord saved him on his way to kill Christians.

He didn’t tell Festus or Agrippa…”I want to see you saved so you can be a conservative christian and then use your political power to change laws and make people live righteously.”

Even Agrippa the king said to Paul after hearing his defense said to him..”Almost you persuade me to become a christian.”

not…”Paul just think if I did become a christian you and I together can make everyone do what we believe they should do just by making laws to make them obey God.”

If Paul had to count all he acquired in the world as dung where does that leave us?

The scriptures tell us to love not the world neither the things that are in the world, that if any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him. Anything that is not of the kingdom of God is the world. The beast with its nature of savagery is the world and all that is in it. It is enmity with God.

According to the Greek Lexicon of Brown, Driver and Briggs, p 447-448, the Greek word kosmos has a number of meanings:

1. Adornment, adorning, such as in women’s attire.

2. In philosophical usage it means ‘the world, the orderly universe’ in the sense of the sum total of all that is here and now.

3. “the world” as the sum total of all the beings above the level of the animals.

4. “the world” in terms of the planet earth on which humans live. This also includes the idea of the planet earth in contrast to heaven.

5. “the world” as mankind, and sometimes especially of believers (it is used this way in John 3:16,17; 6:33,51.

6. “the world” as the scene of earthly joys and pleasures, as well as cares and sufferings.

7. “the world” and everything that belongs to it as something which is in a state of enmity with God.

8. “totality or sum total” of something. It is used this way in James 3:6 in relation to the tongue being a world of iniquity.



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