Didn’t Jesus Shine?

I mentioned in my Israel is Israel blog about the different groups out there all claiming to be the elect nation.

Videos and books and blogs and elaborate websites dedicated to “prove” that a certain race is the chosen people.

The Jews never produced many artists and so did not leave behind paintings of Jesus Christ. Hmm…I wonder why. Because God knows what is in man. He desires to save souls and who knows if some would not want him if he looked a certain way that they did not approve of. The great Italian painters all painted him looking Italian. I have seen him painted as an African. The Native American has seen him in a war bonnet. The Eskimos have seen him too and he is no way as some think he is.

He is depicted in numberless ways. None of which is true of his physical appearance. If he is Hispanic how is it he loves the French? If he is White how is it he loves the Blacks? If he is Chinese how is he loves the Mexicans? Or if he is Black how could he care about the KKK? You get the point. I’m just making a point here not attacking races or groups.

God is love. Jesus is described in Isaiah 53 as having no form or comeliness that we should desire him. We know he didn’t look like Joseph the husband of his mother. He probably looked like Mary? No the Bible says he was the express image of God. (Hebrews 1:3)

God is love and if we could only picture what love looks like; how it looks; than we would see Jesus. We see him in what he said what he did and how he treated the least among us.

He is black to some and he is Hispanic to others. To others he is a rosy cheeked blond with blue eyes. To some he is a black man with dreadlocks. Some groups go to great lengths to show that Jesus was a British man. They bend over backwards to show that he was an African. Or he was this or that.  I think he was a Jew.

Their point is to exalt themselves that God chose them. God exalted his Son it stops there.

The nations that ruled the world in ages past were always powerful people. Israel never ruled over anyone, they were the ones getting ruled over. From the time of the Egyptians to the Babylonions to the Persians to the Greeks to the Romans. And this is just quoting their Bible documented bondage. Germany tried to kill them all. They were too busy suffering to make a big deal of what their Messiah should look like.

Yes Satan hates Israel. Why? Jesus Christ came out of them. This is the reason the only reason. What he looks like matters not it is the fact that he loves each and everyone of us.

I was at You tube today listening to the old song by Dallas Holm about Jesus Christ. We don’t know what he looked like but didn’t he love and didn’t he shine?

Didn’t He Shine by Dallas Holm

To a world of fear and darkness came a light as bright as day.
With a song of love and words of kindness he came to show the way.
Though His face was not recorded nor the color of His skin.
But His words rolled upon the darkness and touched the hearts of men.

Then the people called Him Jesus, He was a man of all time.
Just a simple man called Jesus but didn’t He love, didn’t He shine.

Let the light come brightly shinin’
Let it shine for you and me
That it was for all fear and sorrow and then it set us free.


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