Atheist Held Captive By Malicious Stranger

Chapter ONE (1) in a continuing series of mysterious happenings in the universe…to atheists.

BREAKING NEWS! Atheist abducted by malicious stranger to be tortured and treated well at the same time..

Hmmm….what a strange thing indeed..

Anytime BC and AD: An angry atheist claimed today that he had been abducted and held captive by a non-existent stranger. He reported to the police that he was kept against his will for a week in a remote mountain cabin.

He said the stranger had confused him to the point where he didn’t know if he was being held captive to be killed or regarded as a guest to be wined and dined. He appeared quite confused when he was walked into the police department. He appeared in excellent health, though a little shaken and confused.

He said he was walking down the street when a truck pulled up. He said the driver of the truck grabbed him, tied him up, then dragged him and threw him in the back. He then said he was taken out of town to an unknown location where he was untied and placed in a large beautiful cabin.

He said the cabin was expensively furnished.  Breathtakingly beautiful location and the cabin was state of the art made.

He also said he dined each day as would a king. He basically said he had no problem except for hearing the screams of his abductor’s victims. He said he was living the good life there if not for the screams of those being tortured and killed before him.

During his week of captivity the atheist claimed his abductor brutally murdered innocent captives, which he discovered were chained in another part of the cabin fearfully wondering their fate.

He said that as he dined on fillet Mignon at a mahogany table drinking the finest wine attended by servants who waited on him hand and foot to make sure he was satisfied with the service he was receiving, he would hear the screams of the tortured dying as their captor without mercy murdered them in various way using different methods to insure they suffered excruciating pain before they died suffering unbelievable agony and shame.

He reported that all the poor innocent victims were  stripped naked. His shock and horror to see this cannot be expressed in any known language.

The atheist said he was absolutely shocked and outraged to the point of where he used profanity to convey to his captor his disapproval of what he was seeing. He said his captor just laughed. He insisted that his abductor would mercilessly murder others while treating him very well. It made no sense.

He said at one point during his week of captivity while he happened one day to be watching a wide-screen television (His abductor had given him charge of the remote) he heard loud grievous screams coming from outside. He ran to see what was the matter.

To his great horror his captor had tied several abductees to a tree and was whipping them with a leather whip. Others were lying on the ground slowly dying of starvation and disease. His captor did not care if they died. He seemed to find pleasure in making it happen.

Others were hanging from trees by their neck dead from suffocation.

As the atheist walked back inside to resume what he was doing which was watching an old remake of his favorite movie, his abductor asked him if he wanted the masseuse to give him his daily massage. Of course he said yes to his daily massage.

After this he said he took an hour nap alone to rest. Than later exercised on the portable gym for a while before he resumed his leisurely life of captivity.

The atheist said he was shocked and horrified that his abductor could do such things to all those innocent people. Yet treated him fabulously.

He was interviewed:

“Why do you think your abductor tortured and killed all these innocent people while treating you well?” he was asked.

“I have no idea!  But I hate this non-existent person, this imaginary sadist who held me captive for a week for no reason.”

But can you explain to the world please why were you treated well and the others were brutally murdered?”

“I have no clue!” the angry atheist replied.

“Why did this imaginary monster/good guy let you go? You must understand why he would murder others while treating you good? You were there!”

“That’s just it! Why he treated me exquisitely providing everything I needed to be happy and killing those poor innocent victims is above my pay-grade to understand. No wait! I do understand. He is insane and vicious and capricious, vindictive, cruel,  evil and stupid! I hate that moronic non-existent entity!”

“But are you thankful you were spared? How did you escape? What did you learn from this experience if anything?”

I learned that my abductor is mean and capricious. He is evil he is without mercy. He is without doubt stupid. He never explained himself and I could not figure out why he was nice to me and evil to them. One day he said to me I was free to go with his blessings. Of course I walked out the door and went home quite relieved and happy to be free. Shocking. I think he is schizophrenic. He is also a math genius and a great artist. When he wasn’t killing innocent people he was designing magnificent works of art and solving impossible problems. He also created things I really admire, however he is insane.”

“How do you feel about him really?”

The atheist said, “This is my opinion the way I see it. My abductor does not exist and if he does exist, though I have no proof that he does, he is insane and deserves to die! By the way I am not thankful he spared me. I could have done it myself eventually.The facts is that I hate this insane entity IF he exists! He is vindictive and jealous and arrogant and selfish and has no regard for human life.”

My question: does this atheist’s report make any sense? Any sense at all?


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