Atheism Still Living In Theist World

I love the atheists of course I do and I pray for them because they are included when I ask God to save the lost. God bless them today.

I quote an atheist, “Atheism has long, underground tentacles which reach deep into human history.”

How deep? Millenniums? If so why is that with all your so-called evidence of no evidence of God is your movement still under the rule of a God thinking believing world?

Atheists live in a theist world because they cannot win the world over to their thinking.

This has been the case for thousands of years. Not a few years have they been losing , but thousands of years they have remained what they are today under the rule of a theist world.

Why? Because when you have no foundation you cannot build.

Theism has a foundation that will and has withstood the test of time and trouble; it is God, what he said, and who he is.

Atheism has had literally thousands of years to rule the world. To make the world non-theist. So why no luck?

Why with all the atheists who call themselves great thinkers, intelligent and educated is the atheism movement still under the rule of this God thinking world?

If you don’t think so than quit spending money with In God We Trust stamped on it.

The last hundred years saw Christianity as it has seen it for two-thousand years; preaching Christ.

The last thousand years in spite of those who were the enemies of Christianity; it has still preached Christ.

The thousand years before that; Christ was preached.

And the thousands of years before Christ was born in Bethlehem Christ’s arrival was preached.

The entire history of the world is about God. No one but him.

In every book, every document, on every tongue is either what God said, or what God said man would say. This cannot be refuted.

There is not a thing on earth not mentioned in the Bible.

Satan tried to stop Christianity even by using many of the believers themselves against it with wars crusades, inquisitions, burnings, etc to stamp it out, yet today Christ is preached.

Even with these horrible things that took place in ages past belief in God  is still driving the world’s car.

How true the words of Jesus that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church.” (NT)

The gates of the enemies belong to the Christian; the enemies of Christianity cannot prevail.

So why has atheism failed so miserably to win the world for atheism? There has to be a reason for its failure to win the masses to atheism.

Christians know that atheism cannot win because God is against it. Atheists trying to take on God in combat are fighting the battle they have been losing since the dawn of creation.

Yes anyone can fight God, they just won’t win.

Atheists are loved by God and within each one of them is his light the light that lights every man that comes into the world. They do have morals as do all people.

God put them in us when he created man in his image. It is in choice that we do good or evil.

But as prophesied in the Bible these days would come.

The happy ending is that seventh angel sounding;

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become [the kingdoms] of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. (Revelation of Jesus Christ 11:15)


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  1. Not sure how I feel about being called lost. Oh wait, now I know. It’s insulting. I’m always amazed by the exclusive snobbishness of Christianity — a religion that promises torturous hellfire for all non-believers. I subscribe to the idea that if the fairy tale were true, Satan is the hero. After all, he is the one who chose to rebel against a master that forced him to be a slave and worship for all eternity. Though what i’m saying may just seem like a rude rebuttal, I say it with true sincerity. After all, the whole idea of the evil of man (god’s creation) comes from the biblical basis of inherited sin — Adam and Ever partake of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It’s bad enough that god suppresses knowledge (a sign of an oppressive slave master), but his method of punishment is ridiculous. When I was a kid, I saw my mom eat a grape at the store without paying for it. The rules are clear — don’t do that. So…I soaked her with gasoline and set her on fire. The police arrested me and I spent the rest of my young life in Juvie. Doesn’t seem fair. How does god get away with it?


  2. I sincerely respect your views. I think mine should be respected too such as my right to believe what I do about Christianity.
    I disagree that God suppresses knowledge it is available for the taking. The rules are not clear to many, there are people who are seemingly without conscious,morals or scruples.
    Stealing is known to be wrong because the world was told this from day one or else we would not know.


  3. I sincerely respect your views. I think mine should be respected too such as my right to believe what I do about Christianity.

    Do not confuse the right to freedom of belief (which I will stand up for no matter what those beliefs are so long as they do not violate the rights of others) with an imagined right to have those beliefs respected. I feel no need for the latter and do not expect anyone else to respect my beliefs should they not merit it.

    Stealing is known to be wrong because the world was told this from day one or else we would not know.

    Really? How do you feel when someone steals from you? Bad, right? You probably realize that other people would feel the same way if you stole from them, a demonstration of empathy. We are hardly unique in this regard. Empathy is shared by all social mammalian species. Even mice show signs of empathy for a cagemate in distress. Combine empathy with the consequences of being stolen from and we get to the concept that stealing from others produces detrimental consequences as well. We can then arrive at a social contract wherein I won’t steal from others and others won’t steal from me. Breaking this contract means that society will punish the transgressors. Look at that! I came to the conclusion that stealing is a detrimental act without invoking God!

    The problem with your position is that you are skewered on one of the two horns of Socrates’ Euthyphro Dilemma: Either something is wrong because God says it is (your position), or God says it is wrong because it violates an objective moral tenet. In the latter, God is unnecessary to determine what is moral because it is just the messenger and we can figure it out for ourselves. With the former, morality is simply God’s whim, which can change at any time. In fact, I would not call blind obeyance of a set of rules moral at all.

    Note also that I have not invoked the rather vague notions of “right” and “wrong”. If we are talking about “right” producing beneficial consequences and “wrong” being detrimental, that’s one thing. If we are talking in absolutes, this is demonstrably false.

    I put it to you that no one gets their morality from scripture, and I’m glad of it. We no longer stone people because they don’t believe or are homosexual. We no longer keep slaves. We no longer treat women as chattel, though there are those that still think we should. Freedom of Belief is enshrined in a constitution, even though it violates the first commandment. Societal values have changed significantly over the last two millenia, and largely increasing the well-being of its members. Even Christianity has adopted values that would appall its founders. Look at how backwards the belief systems slow to adopt what I think are better values, like the Roman Catholic Church or the throwbacks like the Westboro Baptists. So this idea of absolute “right” and “wrong” is nonsense, and that’s a good thing.


  4. I submit to you that I am not here to argue, since it is a fact that we will never agree. I do not agree with you but as I said respect your right to say it.
    Oh..I would not get mad if someone stole from me a loaf of bread if he was starving.
    You present your argument without proof.
    Just because someone said that a mouse feels pity doesn’t make it true and it certainly doesn’t make me believe it is.
    It is a known fact that scientists are confused about all kinds of stuff and imagine quite a bit.


  5. Hey just because some scientist says that flying spaghetti monsters exist doesn’t mean they do.
    About your argument concerning mice. Mice cannot reflect on “vague notions of right and wrong” so in order for these little God created things to feel sympathy they would have to be able to love.
    We know mice cannot love, so the evidence for that is shown in the fact that no parent would trust a mouse alone with their baby in a crib. The mice would bite the baby.


  6. “….morality is simply God’s whim, which can change at any time.”

    You mean like the way laws God made; such as the laws of thermodynamics change at any time?”
    I suppose you think that matter can create itself.


  7. “If we are talking about “right” producing beneficial consequences and “wrong” being detrimental, that’s one thing. If we are talking in absolutes, this is demonstrably false.”

    Again no evidence.


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