Atheist Interview (3)

Chapter 3;

IN the continuing series of the atheist abducted by a flying spaghe–er.. I mean abducted by a malicious stranger and taken to a cabin to be treated like an honored guest we are here tonight. Is this right atheist?:

“Yes that is right. He is a capricious violent murderer However he did treat me quite well.”

“Yes you have made that perfectly clear that he is a horrible entity. Only he was not horrible to you. Let me begin by saying thank you atheist for taking the time to continue this interview. Okay I had asked you how a non-existent being could murder innocent people.  Canaanite family. Isn’t that what their name was the Canaanite family? Yes I think you referred to it as the unwarranted massacre of the Canaanites. Please be so kind to explain to a wondering world how a non-existent being can commit cold-blooded murder then laugh about it?”

“Fundies swear he is real. They devote their entire pathetic lives to his service. I have talked to many Bible-thumpers and let me tell you, if there is a functioning brain among them it remains to be seen. They have saturated this world with the myth that he is real, that he is the only source of goodness and love. That the rest of us are totally depraved wicked and evil and will burn in hell forever without end if we do not do exactly as he says. Now does this sound reasonable to you? Why should I burn in an everlasting hell when I didn’t even ask to be born? These brainless fundies seem to have no problem believing all this. It is amazing how they could fall for such stupidity.”

“Anyway could you explain how a non-existent being can kill existing real  people?

“That is what they teach in their book the human race needs to repent get right go to the altar give your life to Jesus or burn in hell forever! ”

“Then you admit he exists?”

“No he does not exist, but I’m going by what their book says that he does exist. Did you know that religion is the sole cause of all the trouble this world has experienced in its history? If it wasn’t for religion t would be peace on earth.”

“Uh..please explain that one.”

“No fundies =peace on earth.”

“Why do you think Christians follow a God that kills innocent people if he does as you claim kill innocent people?”

“Does the word ignorant ring a bell? How about wacko? The planet has no people more ignorant than people who believe there is a God.”

“So your issue is really with the Bible believers not the stranger who abducted you? Do you think it would help your cause if you concentrated on not believing in them? Just a thought.”

“Hey look he exists in their insane minds, they made him up, they invented him because they are too weak and stupid to face life without some type of imaginary savior. If you study the mind….By the way I have a degree in psychology. The mind is a complex thing. The fundies from time immemorial needed to lean or depend on something because they could not handle this life. They made him up I tell you!.”

“Since you claim to know the minds of billions upon billions of people who have lived for the last thousands of years to the billions on earth right now how is it you can judge them as this is clear that this is what you’re doing.”

“Look I didn’t invent a god they did. They have duped the world with this nonsense and look at the world today.”

“So you think it is alright to steal?”

“I didn’t say that it is alright to steal and kill and lie I know it isn’t. . But this stuff wasn’t news to the human race as Moses would have you believe. It is in us to know right from wrong.”

“Then why do you think in Eden assuming there was an Eden that the man and woman there did wrong if they knew to do right? Who in their right mind would do what they did which sin plunged the world into a world of sorrow and pain and suffering and worst of all death. Why would they willingly do this? Would not this be considered insanity today? It is like if we put Adam and Eve on trial for committing the crime that destroyed the human race. They would deserve to be executed for what they did to the rest of us.”

To be continued…






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