The Bible Is True

Skeptics would have us believe there is no evidence for the Bible’s authenticity. However more evidence appeared in 1925 when archaeology discovered the Nuzu Tablets in Iraq near the Tigris river. These clay tablets confirm the authenticity of the Patriarch Abraham’s life.

Quoting them, “Several Nuzi texts describe occasions when a barren woman asked her husband to take her slave as a sort of surrogate wife to produce an heir; much as Abraham did with Hagar (Genesis 16:1-16)”

This was exactly the case with Abraham and Sarah  of long ago when she could bear no child to Abraham. They were from Babylon (and were idolaters) and lived under the Nuzu law. But God called him out to go to a land he would show him, which was Canaan (Israel).

(I take it for granted that whoever reads this knows who Abraham and Sarah are)

Sarah failed to get pregnant so she told Abraham to go in to Hagar the handmaid and have a child from her. Abraham did and Ishmael was born. This was done under the Nuzu law which we know now is not a good idea. But back then millennia ago they made laws according to what they felt not according to what thus saith the Lord.

To this day the battle continues between these two sons of Abraham’s descendants in Israel. All because of Abraham obeying a law that catered to his flesh and not laws according to the holiness of God.

People who deny the Bible’s authenticity do it deliberately for there  is no way they could not see what is there in documented history unless they choose to do so. There was the Babylonian laws which were made according to  basically…. oh, this sounds right so let’s do it. Then they wrote it down as law.

The Torah (Pentateuch) is the law God handed down to Israel via Moses (who came after Abraham) at Sinai. These laws would insure happiness for whoever obeyed them. Guaranteed!

Abraham and Sarah’s problems really began after Ishmael was born. Ishmael at one time was mocking Isaac, then Hagar was dismissed by Sarah into the  wilderness. Soon more trouble began which resulted in ages of conflict between the descendants of these two half-brothers.

Moses who gave the law to Israel was born long after Abraham since Abraham was the father of the Hebrews beginning with Isaac who was born of Sarah.

Isaac was the child of promise because God said he would give Abraham a son. (Moses came from the tribe of Levi who was one of Abraham’s grandson Jacob’s sons.)

Now in the Torah NOT the Hammurabi Code, one of the commandments God gave to Israel was You shall not commit adultery. But since Abraham didn’t know this law yet, as some atheists would have us believe that it is just in us to know right from wrong. (This is just blatantly false.) and there is no documentation to prove that, he went into Hagar thinking it was okay.

From the union of Abraham and Hagar was born Ishmael as I said above, which is the father of the Arabs. To this day there is nothing but murder and bloodshed between these two half-brother’s descendants. Yes God loves us all but that is not my focus here in this blog.

If Abraham had lived when the Law from God (Torah) was given, which was way after the Nuzu Babylonian code was used, he would have known not to commit adultery, therefore no son would have been born to him by his wife’s handmaid.

Henceforth no battles in the middle east between Israel and the Arab world.

The war between the Israelis and the Arabs will continue until Jesus comes again, this is a fact. It will continue until Jesus himself steps in to stop it. This is in the Bible contained in prophesies spoken by the Hebrew prophets.

The God-given commandment You Shall Not Commit Adultery when disobeyed is the cause of  broken marriages, broken homes, broken hearts, broken lives, broken finances, broken minds, destroyed plans, suicides, murders, jealousy, confusion, bewilderment, hatred, deceptions, misery and sorrow and excruciating pain, and the list of evil results goes on.

This commandment came to us via Israel from God for our lives to be without sin and pain. If only it is obeyed all these things that bring sorrow and pain would be non-existent.

God gave Israel the law to give to the world. There is nothing in all the history of the world that is anything like what God said at Sinai. Nothing.

It simply does not exist anywhere in all the literature of the world.

To say one knows right from wrong just naturally is not understanding what God said through the Old Testament prophet that he would someday WRITE his laws in our hearts. For this [is] the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: (Hebrews 8:10)

This came after, long after Abraham and Moses. God has done that; though many have had their conscience seared with a hot iron as says the apostle Paul. They seem to have no conscience as they day after day commit evil.

The Bible even says that some are like brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. Evolution calls it a clink in the machinery in the long cord of evolving but God long before calls it sin and hardness along with stubbornness and rebellion which is nothing but witchcraft.

The same witchcraft the ancient Canaanites practiced (obeying in full measure their flesh and the devil) which finally moved God to destroy them in order to preserve the  rest of the human race.

Much like today when one is executed according to the laws of the land the criminal is eliminated from the planet in order to protect the law-abiding.

Victims families always say the murderer had no remorse. Well no remorse comes along with being a murderer.  It is part of the package of sin. Kill and feel no remorse. If he was capable of remorse he would not have committed such a heinous crime. If remorse is felt it is because the Lord has somehow touched the sinner and reached him with his love.

But when Adam and Eve sinned in Eden they did not have the law written in their hearts.  And neither did Abraham and Sarah. The first couple received a direct commandment from God and still disobeyed it. It was in them to do evil and they did it. They acted with no regard for anyone that would come after them and they had no inkling anyone would come after them.

To mock the Bible as did Barack  Obama when he was running for potus (mentioning shellfish and the sermon on the mount)  is simply the result of being totally ignorant of the Bible and what it is about.

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