What I Believe An Atheist Isn’t

Scroll of the Book of Proverbs

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The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds,
there is none who does good.  The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man,
to see if there are any who understand,
who seek after God.  They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt;
there is none who does good,
not even one. (Psalm 14:1-3)

Websters says that a fool is a very stupid person. You know stupid…like a person who would jump off a 1000 foot cliff truly believing he will not die. This is a stupid person. Or he who drinks poison thinking it won’t harm him. This is stupidity.

But those who call themselves atheists don’t jump off 1000 foot cliffs.  Nor do they sit around drinking rat poison. This is not my understanding of what God said about anyone who says in his heart there is no God.

Serial killers exist all the while saying in their heart there is no God. They foolishly think there is no God who sees them. If for one instant this killer knew or thought or suspected he is being seen and heard by a God who means what he says that he will punish him, if he was fully aware of what would happen to him according to God’ s laws (He will receive back what he did to others with interest)  for his deeds would he kill?

Would Ted Bundy have murdered all those women if he had KNOWN for a fact, if he had been able to see into the future, that he would die in the electric chair for those deeds, would he have killed, or would he have sought help? “I will be electrocuted on such a such a date if I commit these crimes” if he had seen into the  future he would forfeit his life, would he have murdered anyway?

Ted Bundy lived his life as a fool saying in his heart there is no God.  So did John Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer and the like. So do adulterers and liars and fornicators and homosexuals and robbers. They say in their heart there is no God. No God who sees them. No God to punish them. No God who loves their victims. There is no God to answer to. This is what makes them fools.

Rapists, adulterers, liars, pedophiles and killers  live as if there is no God. They commit sin as if there is no God who sees them committing these evil deeds that harm others.  They don’t need to say there is no God, but their deeds prove what they say in their hearts; there is no God.

Yes a fool would say in his heart there is no God. For only a fool goes against the laws of God (universal laws) and thinks he will escape the judgment of God. God is holy and he will stay holy no matter who gets hurt or killed. Make no mistake about it.

Saying  out loud, forming the words with the mouth, and audibly saying There is no God means basically nothing.  It is meaningless.  It is the same as if one said that 2+ 2=5. It is talk with no evidence to support it. It is pointless to even say it.

It changes nothing all the person is doing is lying.

It is what we do that determines what we are. Jesus at one time told the people who were trying to stone him..“If you don’t believe me for what I say than believe me for what I do.”

Solomon the wisest man who ever lived who wrote down the Proverbs said “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

That proverb doesn’t mean if one thinks in his heart he won’t die if he jumps off a 1000 foot cliff. He isn’t thinking this is the thing, if he considers jumping off a high cliff.! If you think you’re the king of Spain doesn’t mean you are. This is not what Solomon meant. Solomon was revealing a law of the universe that what you are is what you will do. If you are a complete fool than yes you will jump off a 1000 foot cliff thinking you will not die.

Just because you say there is no God doesn’t make God disappear.

An atheist supposedly is one who says in his heart there is no God. But according to the Bible he who says in his heart there is no God is an immoral person. A person who lacks standards to live by.  One who uses profanity and curses his neighbor, judges him without a trial, hates, condemns and accuses the innocent.  He is a gossip, a back-biter, proud, arrogant,  a fornicator, an idolater, a pagan and a heathen, an incestuous or non-incestuous pedophile, a sexual pervert who has sex with anyone and anything, even with those of his own sex, and a blasphemer.

An atheist is one who has no constitution he abides by. He thinks and  does whatever pops into his head; good or bad. He lives according to his instincts. He obeys all his lusts and restrains himself in no way, shape or form to do what is evil. Like an animal who does what he feels  to survive.

No one matters but him.

They (all of us) are all corrupt and have committed abominable things is what God said and this is what God meant about everyone of us.. Everyone is included when it comes to saying in their heart there is no God.

If you live as does Lucifer the proud arrogant rebel of all that is good, than you are saying in your heart, in your emotions, character, ego, psyche, personality, screaming with all your emotional strength there is no God. No God I need to answer to. I don’t need a heavenly Father. I am my own god. I WILL do as I please and I answer to no one!

“I WILL” the two words that changed a beautiful angel into the devil himself.

I give no acknowledgment to atheists for trying to identify themselves as what they are not, if in fact they are not  immoral persons. An atheist is an immoral person‘ this is the Bible’s definition, and this is the only definition that counts.

You can be a devoted church goer, and a respected member of  your community, even a so called pastor of a church and say you believe in God, and yet be the most immoral person in your city, perhaps the world, if you live contrary to the laws of God. You are the true atheist.

You don’t need to say there is no God verbally, but saying there is no God in your heart is revealed by your very acts and deeds that show the world that you say in your heart there is no God.

An atheist is really one who lives and conducts his life immorally, who is truly saying in his heart there is no God. His actions prove it not his words.

In my opinion this does not apply to those who call themselves atheists unless they live immoral lives not caring who they harm or destroy.

You can call yourself a minister of the gospel and be an atheist.  If you live like the devil than basically you are saying in your heart there is no God!

Everything that is right and good and beautiful and honorable and bright and sweet and precious and virtuous and praiseworthy and true and pure and praiseworthy are attributes of God.

Go against these things and the result is spiritual death even as God told Adam and Eve that if they did not do what he said they would die.

Yes there is no God says the fool in his heart for he thinks he is unnacountable to no one as he trangresses the laws of God.

God created us in such a way that when we transgress any of us laws we self-destruct.  It doesn’t always happen immediatley but it is happening sin kills and it will kill anyone who commits it.

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