Brain Tumor!

A relative of mine (early twenties) began to have gran-mal seizures.

Of course she went to a doctor who took tests to determine exactly what was going on. In the meantime he gave her medicine to stop or at least help control the seizures.

She waited with dread to hear what the tests revealed.  Of course the Pentecostal family we are we begin to pray. We cried to God whom we knew was not deaf and could, and would, hear our prayers for our dear loved one, if we prayed according to his will.

We believed the Bible to be true that Jesus really did die on the old rugged cross. We believed without doubt his death had somehow become the sacrifice needed for our sins. And from our reading of the Bible we saw that healing of the body was also contained in the atonement.

Before long the tests results came back. The doctor could not reach her by phone so drove to her house to tell her the results of the tests. She had a large brain tumor and needed surgery immediately. In the hospital she  was then given an angiogram (I think that is what it was called)  to show the doctor exactly how to get to the tumor. I think this is what was said if memory serves me correctly on this.

I do remember this; God healed her totally and completely soon after she refused surgery be performed on her head. We joined hands and we prayed to God specifically requesting from him her life. We asked him to heal her if he would do this.

Yes there she lay on the bed a sick young woman and she told the neurosurgeon she refused to let him or anyone cut her head open. She said “God is going to heal me.” and he did heal her. After they compared tests with tests where they saw the tumor, than they saw no tumor. Doctors were running to her room to find out what was going on.

There in plain sight was the tumor and now it is gone.

I believe in miracles not only because the Bible tells of them but I have seen them in my own family. It has been almost thirty years and there still is no tumor.

What a Savior!


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