My Guest Mr Atheist (2)

Hostess: As I told you I am an empiricist I need evidence. What caused the sun to be where it is precisely? Why is it there?

Atheist: It just happened that way.

Hostess: Blind chance huh? As Henry Morris said time is the magic wand of the evolutionist. Given enough time you theorize that a  jet fighter can assemble itself from a tornado ripping through a junkyard?

Atheist: I guess you could say that. After trillions and trillions of years passing  anything can happen.

Hostess: Given enough time anything can happen huh?

Atheist: Anything. No order is needed to produce order. Disorder can produce order if given enough time. Time is the great creator not any deity.

Hostess: Hmmm….so time the great creator can assemble a jet fighter out of zillions of tornadoes ripping through junk after billions of millennia, yet this same creative time limits your time on earth to a few years? Why is this? How is it you seem to be inferior to what time chooses to do with its creative power? Why doesn’t time give you time? Why does time rid the earth of you after no more than a hundred years or less? This seems odd since you are the one observing what is happening the one understanding it all.

Atheists: Time is time, it is an emotionless thing that is not capable of intelligent thought. Time can create but it doesn’t love or favor me over the jet fighter or the tornado or the junk lying around.

Hostess: Time seems like a cruel thing according to your observations. Do you have even the remotest idea why time tosses you aside  after a short time, and that with you filled with trouble, as are all humans beings, while allowing the jet fighter, tornado and junk to exist in order to make more jet-fighters more tornadoes and more junk?

Atheist: Look I’m an atheist not a walking breathing encyclopedia of facts. This is how I see it.

Hostess: You know of course that one answer gives rise to another question. Moving right along let me ask you this. Do you believe in survival of the fittest?

Atheist: Well..yeah I can’t help but believe in what I see. For example if I saw two lions  running after an antelope I know the strongest and swiftest lion will be the one to eat. This is not rocket science. Anyone can see this.

Hostess: Okay let us take this scenario to modern-day America. If you  saw a crippled child being bullied at school by a big healthy kid ,would you defend the offended? Or would you help the offender since you say survival is to the swift and strong?  Or just stand by and watch it play itself out? How would you see this as survival of the fittest or as an act of meanness against a weaker person?

Atheist: Well excuse me what do you think  should be done?

Hostess: If I was an evolutionist I would let it play out not wanting to interfere in the  evolutionary process which process will, given enough time create a perfect world where all crippled and other unfit members of society are a hindrance not a help, therefore must be eliminated. However since I am an intelligent civilized human being I would stop the attack. But going even further than that, because  I am a Christian I am commissioned to not only stop the abuse but pray for the abuser and assist the abused and the abuser in whatever way I can to make their lives better.

Atheist: Now you’re implying that I have no morals that I would walk away and let the crippled boy suffer abuse knowing he will not survive the attack.

“Hostess: Well tell me what you would do if you would please. If you say you would help the poor crippled boy, than you are following the path Jesus took.  The path his followers chose when they chose to follow him. He came to help and heal the hurting and give life to the dead. If you say you will see it as Darwin said it is, which it is as Darwin said the strongest do survive, and let it play out so as not to interfere with the evolutionary process, than you have no morals. I don’t mean to insult you just stating a fact. You would be mean and hateful the very way Jesus said we all are without him.

Atheist: People are nice because they want to be not because Jesus said to be. Jesus is just another good man in the long list of those who tried to make a religious enlightened world. Like Buddha for example.

Hostess: Prove what you just said. You cannot just made statements without evidence to support them. I need evidence. I could take you through the entire history of the world and prove to you that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, that what Moses said is original, and what is coming on the world according to the Hebrew prophets.

Atheist: These things have been happening forever.

Hostess: like what? Be specific. Please provide some evidence to back up what you say. What evidence do you have to prove that time is the creator. Why does time eliminate you yet creates rocks and trees to remain?

Atheist: I am just part of the great happenings. No human being is special. We are all part of the same evolutionary process that has been taking place for trillions of years. I am part of all humans and all humans are part of the process that began when goo washed up on a distant shore trillions of years ago. The goo, then after trillions of years sprouted wings, and flew into the air. It then after more time grew legs and other stuff needed to survive. Then it slowly after millennia turned into an ape. Then after more trillions of years it became something resembling a man. They hunted, they gathered, they grunted, and killed to survive. They had no conception of anything. They were beasts among the beasts struggling to survive in a hostile world. With their bad breath and sharp teeth the lived as animals because basically that is all they were animals. This accounts for crime today. The animal in us is mean and cruel without morals or judgment. We live by instinct.

Hostess: Excuse me I do not live by my instincts. I live by the word of God which guides me and keeps me.

Atheist: Oh please you are as much of an animal as the rest of us. We are nothing more than evolved monkeys struggling to survive in a hostile universe not knowing from one day to the next if some giant unfeeling earthquake will swallow up our cities. Or if some tornado rips through a city killing innocent people and destroying property. By the way this is why I am an atheist. I realize no loving god would do this to his creation.

Hostess: For your information a life line was thrown to us in Christ. He appeared in Israel about two millennia ago with a message from who he said is the Creator of the universe. I for one am glad there is a lifeboat and I boarded it. This not Pascal’s wager stuff this is fact, that a lifeline was offered us.Many gods back then but this God raised the dead. He raised himself from the dead.

Atheist: Offered us? Oh and I’m supposed to be grateful  for a lifeline after he made all this mess to begin with? Why didn’t he create a world that needs no lifeline? Why didn’t he make things in such a way that no one hurts and no one dies? Maybe he is not able. Besides what proof do you have that he was dead than came back to life and offers to save us from death?

Hostess: We have the holy Bible.

Atheist: ha ha ha ha ha …try again!







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