Atheist Debate (7)

Thank you Atheist for agreeing to continue the debate. However our sponsor has asked that tonight you provide proof that time is the great creator of all things.

Atheist: I’ll do my best.

Hostess: Would you like a drink?

Atheist: I’ll take a coffee.

CS-Theist: So your belief that time is the creator is in fact what made everything happen? Okay how time did this  is my question.

Atheist: Well…what transpired was our ancient ancestors simply adapted to their surroundings.

CS-Theist: After billions of years you say?

Atheist: That is correct. It was a slow process. Like one creature appeared from the goo and fins and wings and other stuff. Then it died. But before it died it had learned at least one thing. It learned not to jump off cliffs. When the other beastly hairy smelly creatures saw hundreds of dead bodies of creatures lying at the bottom of the cliff they somehow understood not to jump off too. Of course this took millions of years more for the generations of creatures to learn this one thing.

CS-Theist:  What a cruel time-god. And what caused them to understand this? Apparently you have given them a brain.  So billions of years would have caused numberless beasts or half-humans to appear. So where are the trillions of  bones that had to be left behind? Billions of years or even a million years would mean that literally numberless creatures evolved. Time the cruel creator who creates to leave to die. How horrible to think that literally numberless creatures died to satisfy the powers of time. Where is the proof? How cruel your god.

Atheist: Well they disappeared into the dust. Only a few fossilized. We have those now.

CS-Theist: Like who for instance? The Pilt-Down man?

Atheist: I think we’ve been over this.

CS-Theist: Yes I know of all the so-called fossils they found. Our sponsor wants this question asked. Do you have morals? If so would you describe them to our audience?

Atheist: I am an honest person. I don’t steal lie or murder people. I honor my parents. I do not tell lies on others. I work and pay my own way. I provide for my family and treat all men well.

CS-Theist: Sounds like you obey the laws of God.

Atheist: How many times do I have to say this? There is no god. We are here because we just appeared out of nothing and as I keep telling you we evolved over millions and billions of years from a common ancestor. Back to the hairy creatures who grunted and spent all their time looking for food and multiplying.

CS-Theist: Why in the world would they hunt for food when they are so beastly and animals as you say? Sounds to me cannibalism would have been the rule of the day.

Atheist: Hey you’re probably right! They all ate each other and this is why few fossils have been found.

CS-Theist: Excuse me but no transitional fossils have been found nor any proof of primitive man who is as you say.

Atheist: Excuse me but they have. I believe in the evolution scientists that they know what they are doing. They are all PhD’s. I have faith in their education their studies and findings. Evolution cannot be denied. Look at the world and all its diversity of humans all descended from different forms of life. Some from chimpanzees some from baboons some from monkeys, which they all descended over billions of years from fish and goo. Always remember that goo is the beginning of evolution. That remarkable  goo that washed up on a distant shore for no apparent reason 100,000,000,000 years ago. Though no one was there to see it make its way from the water to the sand it did begin to live out of the water. From there it began a remarkable change over billions of years. It finally turned into a winged reptile.

CS-Theist: And from it changed into a bear after a billion more years right?

Atheist: Actually in all honesty it could have been sooner like 20 million years, give or take a million or two. Oh and by the way that is why a baby human’s first words are goo goo. He is telling where he came from. He says goo goo and in reality he is revealing his origins I think Darwin knew this little bit of fact. Amazing!

Next CS-Theist asks Atheist where did the mind come from. How did it evolve from goo?


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