David Barton Claims America Founded on God’s Word.

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I quote now from another site (one could copy and paste this quote and Google and find the site) about the man whose beliefs I oppose in this blog.  “David Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.” ( end of quote)

Barton proudly wears stars and stripes shirts showing that he is American. He also sports a ten-gallon hat. His red white and blue wardrobe is to boast of his so-called heritage that he is an American, the best there is, and the favorite of God. He claims this nation was founded on the Bible. He also claims to be a Christian when in fact, the Bible greatly differs from his beliefs.

He ignores or is totally ignorant of American history. He is also ignorant of the holy Bible and of the nature and character of God.

This nation is not founded on the Bible. It is an insult to God what this man is spreading to the Bible ignorant. Barton’s whole agenda is to present God as he sees God . And God is not Barton’ puppet. God is none of the things Barton presents him to be. I happened to catch him on TBN talking to Matt and Laurie Crouch. His rhetoric was unbiblical.

God founded his church on the earth in the hearts of those who come to him in repentance to Christ. He calls all nations all people to come to him. But Barton wants to selfishly possess God. He wants to tie a golden chain around God’s neck and call him America’s Attack Dog. He wants to sic God on other nations (individuals)  because they do not share his beliefs. He wants to force the world to bow to what he sees as the only nation in the world that has God. His view of God is limited to `from sea to shining sea.`

God is omnipresent and he is omniscient and omnipotent. God is not Barton’s little pet to carry around in his red white and blue shirt pocket. Then pull him out as a show and tell for the founding fathers.  Barton’s red/white/blue presentation is basically he dressed as the American flag claiming..“This is the American flag and this is God and this is the gospel.”

Is Barton a keeper? No he is a troublemaker of the first order. He is out there presenting the ALMIGHTY as an American and not as the dear Savior of all men that he truly is.

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men. (1 Timothy 2: 1)

Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:4)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

So how was this nation founded on the Bible?  On Judeo-Christian principles? The Greek columns and temples that contain all American thought is Greek  inspired. It is Greek and Roman not Hebraic. The laws of the United States, as all laws in civilized nations; reward right and punish wrong. The Greek philosophies, and all things Greek and Roman are sure signs this nation was not founded on Hebraic teachings.

In truth all nations are under God. They are all founded on the simple basic desire to do the right thing. Wanting to be happy is the desire of all nations. There only exists in the universe good and evil to do. You either do one or the other. No lukewarm stuff with God. Lukewarm living brings his wrath on anyone who thinks he will be part of his lukewarmness. All people in all lands do either good or evil or both.God rewards good and punishes evil; it is that clear.

If you don’t believe this then go study the case of Cornelius in Acts 10. Or the Roman centurion who build a synagogue for the Jews.

No nation is favored by God. Nothing is approved by God but Christ himself. God said of Jesus This is my beloved Son in whom I am  well pleased.” God never said that of any nation or people. Only in Christ is God well pleased.

Let the dead bury the dead Jesus said. And follow him. Jesus will not lead you to palaces and castles. He will lead you to the fields where the souls for whom he died are perishing.

Israel his elect nation because of repeated acts of disobedience by playing the harlot under every green tree was scattered among the nations. Where does that leave the rest of  the nations that do not obey? Judgment begins at the house of God.

What happened to Israel should give us a clue what will happen to people who sin against God.

Each person is a nation as proved by God telling Rebecka two nations were in her womb. Two human beings were two nations before they were even born. Two nations who became many nations.

Barton doesn’t seem to understand that within the United States are many many many many nations. But the only “holy nation”the apostle Peter spoke of in his letter is the church, which is the Body of Christ which Body is all over the globe.

Determining what is right however is the problem for many when they do not know the Bible or care what it says. But the Bible is still correct in its teachings. History tells us nations do not always do the right thing but go to war against each other.  Murder and rapes and crime of all sorts are a worldwide epidemic. Adultery and fornication and other sexually immoral sins are committed worldwide on a daily basis.

Nowhere does the Bible say to do these things. In fact it commands to do the opposite. No nation on earth throughout history obeys the Bible as is proved by trillions of sins committed daily with no repentance by the nations committing them.

Daily God is treated as if he is nothing. But nations don’t come to God souls do. Jesus did not die for nations he died for you and me individually. Barton is dangerous in that he is indirectly telling the world that God is stupid. Barton thinks that God thinks like him.

I remember when I was a little four-year old  child sitting in a little church where I heard about Jesus for the first time. I was so overtaken by the gospel message from the preacher that I was barely able to wrap my little four-year old mind around it. I was almost falling over in the pew. I heard him say that Jesus had died for me. Well I didn’t take it that he had died for anyone else in the church. And many people were there that day. I took that message as personal as it could be personal.

That was God’s intention his purpose for me to hear that message as a personal message for me from him. I cannot describe my shock and joy to learn that a man I didn’t even know had died for me. All my little four year old mind could think was oh how he must love me!

Well I also learned that since he loved me that much he must also love ALL people that much. People everywhere! It cannot be that I am the only one he loves and died for. So when I learned as an adult that he died for all people in all lands in all ages I was completely overcome with love and gratitude to such a God. It caused me to love all those he died for which would include every person on planet earth.

I was completely overwhelmed to hear this. I did wrap my mind around it. I processed it. I understood and to this day that experience has never left me.

Jesus died for me and he died for YOU reader whoever you may be. He did not die for nations as some call nations. He died for YOU. He died so you could live.

Barton’s thing is to make God an American. Barton’s thing is to restrict God and his love to America. He should be going around telling the world that Jesus loves all people in all lands and wants all to come to him today.

Salvation is an individual thing it has nothing to do with nations unless that nation is Israel.

It is true that when the Biblical Rebecka was pregnant with Jacob and Esau God told her that two nations were in her womb. So from this we know that each person is a nation. Jesus died for the nation that YOU are. That I am.

What is founded on the word of God? Only the Bible itself can claim it is holy and without error. But nations who kill each other who rise up against each other killing the very people for whom Christ died is NOT from teachings founded on the Bible. All nations have done that.

Christ’s message was of repentance. The first word, recorded in the gospel, that Jesus said when he began his ministry was Repent.

The Bible does not anywhere give rights to anyone. Yet America gives rights to whoever, to do whatever, wherever. This nation was founded on individual rights not on the holiness of the word of God. Barton could never show that it does.

The Bible teaches that not even the right to control our breath is ours. Our breath is a loan so to speak. It doesn’t belong to us to keep it as long as we want as is proved by deaths occurring every minute all over the globe. When God says it is time it is time and no one is exempt. Disease and accidents take lives by the millions and no one can do one thing about it. I do not have the right to decide anything that is not under the control of God. And everything is under his control. All nations and all people.

Yet America is famous for its rights for all people to do whatever they think is right.

“Ye are not your own: for ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”(1 Corinthians 6:19-20.)

Where in this passage do we have any rights? God is not foolish. He is not going to trust man with rights. God gave the world commandments. We can see what man does when he thinks he has rights. The world is in dire straits because of man exercising his rights.

The right to remove prayer from schools.  The right to say Thank God for dead Soldiers. The right to divorce your spouse because someone else looks better. The right to deny the Lord who bought you with his blood. The right to protest anything you disagree with. The right to kill the unborn. The right to “marry” one of your own sex. The right to parade naked down a street dressed in the American flag. The right to a trial after you committed cold-blooded murder. The right to kill yourself and call it euthanasia. The right to pull the plug of helpless people as was done to Terry Schiavo. The right to sue for no reason.

The Constitution is not founded on the Bible. The Bible commands men to repent. The Constitution is founded on the right to sin and sin and sin some more. This is your right

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36)

Freedom isn’t the right to sin. Jesus means freedom from sin. SIN is the transgression of the law of Moses. Jesus sets free from sin. Then are you free when you quit sinning and follow the Lord Jesus.

What is right and what is wrong? Does China try to do the right thing? Does Brazil? Does Canada? Yes they all do and so are they founded on the Bible? Yes if they believe in home and family. If they believe in justice and retribution for evil and reward for good. All nations under the sun seek for love and justice. They seek to be happy as do all nations everywhere. This is from the Bible.

But no nation  obeys the Bible without error so as to be called holy to the Lord.

[Israel is a nation holy to the Lord because he founded that nation for the express purpose of bringing Jesus into the world.]

When God handed down the law to Israel at Sinai he gave them exact laws to live by. He told them exactly what to do to be happy and to live fulfilling lives. Only a demented person would not want to be happy. This is what the Bible is about. God shows us how to be happy. Is that happiness confined to one nation? No because all nations are under God and he loves everyone of us.

To be continued….


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