People Need To Get Saved

Holy Spirit dove window

Image by hickory hardscrabble via Flickr

And no man puts new wine into old bottles: else the new wine does burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles. (Mark 2:22)

I remember growing up hearing fiery preachers preaching against sin. Nothing else did they preach. No politics in their sermons. No telling us who to vote for. No mention of anything except Jesus and the awful price he paid on the old cross. It was the scriptures they preached from. Not the daily news bulletins.

One man I know of went to the altar after finding out he was a sinner. He wept at the altar there on his knees for hours repenting of his sins. He did what the Bible commanded and lived his life then on for God and his cause. He became a new creature in Christ. He didn’t look to change himself. He didn’t go out to register to vote. He died to self when he repented and then became the husband and father God created him to be.

Preachers were looking for sinners to save not for voters to fill the pews to hear about the Roman Senate.  They did not preach how great was the Roman Legion. Their entire message was of Jesus Christ and him crucified.

These preachers knew that you can’t put new wine into old bottles. They knew that new wine (the Holy Spirit) must be put into new (repentant sinners) and politics was never what they preached from the pulpits.

They were for sinners being saved.  Save that person and then he will be a new creature. And only then.  Jesus commanded us to Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Of course the religious right thinks the world means the world of golf and tennis the world of entertainment and the world of politics etc. Jesus died to save sinners not celebrities and not politicians. Not judges and not presidents.  But sinners.

They do not think Jesus meant the literal world.

But the Greek language says it is the world, which is land, the earth, the globe.

A judge and a drunkard happened to go to the same church one day. When the gospel was preached they both knelt at the altar as sinners.

God knew one was a judge and one was unemployed. But they both had to come to God as sinners in need of salvation. Nothing either did or didn’t do could save them. It was only the Blood of Christ that could forgive them both for their sins.

If only the religious Right knew this. But they think if they could only get a so-called Christian in the Oval Office than they can rule the world from there.

If their thinking is correct there would be no need for Jesus to return. But he is returning because of the horrible condition the world is in. No president and no senate and no congress can save this world which is getting worse and worse each day committing crimes so heinous one can only turn away in horror from it and pray.


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