Atheist 11

Theist: Tell more about the time-god’s victims  ; those smelly,  grunting,  disgusting,  hairy,  sexual perverted, cannibalistic beasts that the human race once was? I don’t believe a word of it but go ahead tell me anyway. It is very interesting.

Atheist: Well..look there was a time. Okay time was once far away from here. It was as I said billions of years ago. Apparently there was a sun moon stars galaxies. You know it was all here. But the savage beasts had barely learned to walk upright. They were simply living breathing things. Human they were not. They were animals only the animal they were had a different type brain. it was a little larger.

Theist: I marvel that you could believe such a thing. Okay so what made them “decide” to walk upright? I mean there had to be some motivation, some order of sorts to suddenly  cause them to walk upright. It is incredible and totally unbelievable that these wild men wannabes stopped hunching around and lifted themselves up. I would never laugh at your beliefs but give me a break here.

Atheist: Let me tell step by step what took place according to evolution.

Theist: Wait wait my friend…as you are describing your illustrious ancestors tell me how they managed to not be brutally killed by all the wild beasts? You know like bobcats and snakes? Oh yeah I forgot they were the wild beasts. But how is that these wild beastly smelly creatures evolved into men and other wild beasts such as bears lions know animals of that sort did not evolve into humans? What determined that? Also why is evolution so unmercifully involved? In the Bible it is so simple and to the point, so lovely. It says that God created man in his image. I love it!

Atheist: Working with time were  certain laws such as genetics.

Theist: Forgive my ignorance but is that DNA and enzymes stuff like that?

Atheist: All of that was at play along with protein and molecules and amino acids.

Theist: Truly I have no idea what these things are. Oh did you hear the one about God and the evolution scientist? Are you willing to hear it?

Atheist: Yeah sure go ahead. I hope it is funny.

Theist: The scientist said to God..”If you really exist let us have a contest and both make a human being. God being the reasonable loving merciful Being he is agreed.  God scooped up some dirt to begin. The scientist took some amino acids. Then God said to him..Get your own amino acids.

Atheist: Okay I admit that is kinda funny.

Theist: So is this one. Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist who said There is no dog!?

Atheist: That one is not funny!

Theist: I read that making protein by chance is about as possible as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Only in this case the haystack would reach from earth to Sirius. It is as probable as dropping a pin on the ocean floor then trying to find it blindfolded with boxing gloves on.

Atheist: Exactly my point! That is why time is so all important when it comes to things changing into other things. After billions of years anything  is possible. I’m telling you one day on a far away land something came out of nothing. I admit that I have no idea how that happened. But I do believe it. It is the only explanation that makes sense the only thing that works with science.

Theist: Even Darwin himself said that he feared no fossils would ever be found. When did Darwin die? wasn’t it about 160 years ago or near that? To think protein appears and does its thing is so far-fetched no wonder evolution is taught in secret. They sneak it into textbooks like they did with that lie of the Piltdown man. Too  late it was taught for a generation to kids that were basically brainwashed to believe a lie. No offense intended to you.

Atheist: Time can do it.

Theist: Did you know that Fred Hoyle said that it takes 2000 different and very complex enzymes for a living organism to exist? Then he said that random shuffling processes could not even form one single one of these in 20 billion years. That is how impossible it is.

Atheist: However it did.

Theist; How did it did? I wish you had more information beside time did it.

Atheist: The reason why the disgusting repulsive perverted beasts evolved into humans and the other wild beasts did not is time did it using certain evolving substances and allowing them to naturally select where  they wanted to go..It is all explained by chance. I could play the lottery and there is a chance I would win.

Theist: But deep down you really don’t believe you would do you? You know the odds are so against you why even think of winning. Some people get depressed when they try and lose. It is  not a guarantee whereas God is.

Atheist: but say I bought a ticket each week for a billion years surely I would win.

Theist: You would have to have your descendants keep buying  tickets. Because you will run out of breath, we do run out of breath you know.

Atheist: I would like you to take a look at the fossil record.

Theist: Instead tell me about Nutcracker man.

To be continued….


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