Atheist 14

Atheist: If Jesus Christ did exist he evolved just like the rest of us. He evolved from a hairy smelly beast like you and me. But the fact is Christianity invented him to feel better.

Theist: Nope. He did not evolve He did not, for no apparent reason suddenly appear in Bethlehem. He was expected. Documents called prophesies. When he was born even the wicked godless king Herod knew he was expected. Documents. He sent his yes men to inquire of the  Hebrew scribes where the Christ would be born. They told him in Bethlehem. Wise men came to find him following a star that shone in the sky.  Documents. The entire universe moved in tune with his birth to announce it. This was no ordinary event in history. Guess what? We have records of it. It was normal to expect what was documented. Why? because back in Eden the Lord God said Messiah would come. God said it so it had to happen. So immediately his ancestors begin to expect him. They kept track of every son born from Eve to Mary the mother of Jesus. By the way, I just remembered; in what way does evolution convey universal truths? Jesus conveyed universal truths to us using simple parables and other teachings. But not evolution; it simply murders as it goes to prove itself true. What rubbish. No hope no love no nothing.

Atheist: Evolution has records also they go back to Darwin. I know that is not far but that is when the discovery was made by him that man evolved from animals. What exactly do you mean convey universal truths? By the way the Bible has been changed so much who knows what is true or false. Even some of your own theologians doubt its authenticity. Evolution conveys only that we evolved and evolutionary laws prove this.

Theist: What laws? Name one. There are absolutes. Evolution operates on blind chance. Or crying maybes. It is a theory. No universal law even hints of evolution. Of course you will say that science proves it. For now just Give me one way evolution explains the workings of universal laws. The very laws the Torah agrees with and wrote down. You know IE: the law of sin. You sin and die. It is a law. You sin you die. No hearing. No trial. No bonding out of jail. Steal your neighbor’s car and he might kill you. Lie to your boss and get fired.  Cheat on your spouse and destroy a once happy home. Attack the powers that be and lose the fight. By the way the powers that be are not people; they are universal laws. All these laws cannot be explained by evolution, nor are they present in the myth of evolution. To think that hairy beasts that were once reptiles and before that green yucky goo is to believe the real fairytale.

Atheist: Excuse me…..When our wild hideous hairy ancestors; those primitive ignorant beasts roamed the wild grasses of long ago, grunting as they  went, of course they were subject to laws. They did die.. We die from age and disease or from other causes. I understand there are universal laws but the Torah is just another ancient myth dreamed up by primitive tribesmen who thought the sky was a roof. The primitive hunters and gatherers naturally died. Nature did it.

Theist: And don’t forget time. You too will die. So will I because sin has separated us from God.  How does evolution explain crazy weather? Please don’t tell me time did it. Wait of course time did do it; it is the mythical murderer of anything that moves. We are against our will subject to death. Death comes in many ways but it is here and it spares no one. It kills. Evolution has no remedy for death but Christianity does. IN Christ we can live again.

Atheist: Science is what blows Christianity away. Death is the end of it. No breath no nothing.  Science has done away with religious myths. We no longer need these myths we just need knowledge to improve and succeed.

Theist: You mean succeed as did the educated serial killers the earth has shot forth? You brag of science and there is science. But there is still disease and death. Science cannot create life. Science is in tune with the Bible not with evolution. Matter and energy behave in certain ways. This is right in line with a non-wasteful God. Yet evolution has according to your report wasted numberless breathing entities for no reason except that it could.

Atheist: How unfair of this God to let all die except those who receive his Son. Evolution knows that we die. The hairy beasts died because they had no scientific knowledge to help them in any way. Like today we have medicine and doctors to help us. Yes we still die but that is just how it is. Chance did it. They came from goo and ended up in the grave it is true. But it happened that way in order for us to get here. Just blind chance. But natural selection began to weed out the bad to preserve the good.

Theist:  Don’t you see how empty that is? Chance. God is the one who said he is going to weed things out when he separates the wheat from the tares. We came from the earth and if we are in Christ we are the wheat. But if we are not in Christ we are the tares. Tares will be disposed of without mercy by being cast into the fire. The truth is that we have, say an appendix we can do without, it is because God is not wasteful, not that time eliminates because of natural selection.. it has to do with waste. Not the fittest survive only what is needed survives. This is why serial killers kill; they are wasteful and must be eliminated by laws.

Atheist: This outrageous tale of fire and brimstone that will devour the adversaries of God is absurd and unworthy of consideration. If there was a God he would not cast his own creation into hell. How could you believe such a thing?

Theist: The Bible tells me this fact. Also I see the sufferings in the world so clearly. The horrific happenings of unspeakable sufferings and death makes it easy for me to believe that God will have no problem casting people into hell. Remember he can do anything even that.

Atheist: I don’t accept that nonsense. Evolution is an observable fact. Those who deny it deny truth.

Theist That is your choice not to accept it. Evolution explains nothing it merely assumes evolution happened. The greatest weapon Christianity has against evolution is the knowledge that evolution possesses  no documents. Right now the president has been bombarded by those asking to see  his birth certificate. I did not vote for this person, and even if I had, I think he should show the document or explain why he doesn’t.  Documents are important. Try going through life without them. Darwin’s own testimony cast doubt on evolution being true. Your own guru said he doubted fossils would  be found.

Atheist: I guess nothing will convince you because of your narrow-minded thinking. Anyone who believes in talking snakes will not believe truth and this is what Darwin presented to the world the facts of man’s origins. The Flying spaghetti monster is the fundy’s guru.

Theist: Would you please explain why, without invoking the time-god, evolution has no documented Eden to recall when even pagan cultures knew the past held memories of a paradise once inhabited by humans, not memories of grunting hairy sexual deviated beasts who only existed to survive amidst such inhumane conditions that even earth’s ugliest baboons fare better?

To be continued…

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