Atheist (15)

Atheist: Do you know why I can describe so perfectly the smelly hairy disgusting hideous sex crazed ignorant beasts that roamed the planet as our ancestors billions of years ago?

Theist: No offense intended but it sure sounds like you were there with all those graphic details.. But please tell me it sounds interesting anyway. And since we’re friends why not.

Atheist: Man searches inwardly for his origins. He yearns to learn of his beginnings. He longs to know where he came from.  He dreams of returning there. That is why sometimes we all experience deja vu. We walk into a room and suddenly feel as we have been there before. It is weird but cannot be denied; that it is reality.

Theist: Are you telling me that the ugly hairy smelly nasty dirty sex-crazed ignorant beasts you keep telling me about is the place you want to be? I am shocked! Do you mean to tell me that if I imagine a castle in the air it is because I once lived there? Please do not insult my intelligence. All this deja vu is nothing more than memory with a glitch in it. I still believe in good old-fashioned documents.

Atheist: That could also be true about the memory glitch. Imagination is connected to the myth of a beginning. It is the myth of paradise lost as Milton spoke of. It is that place that resembles Atlantis the lost city. We humans know there is more to us than just a few years here then nothing.

Theist: Billions of years backward and only a few years to look forward to you say? Your time-god is at it again. Making things only to murder them. Billions of years to look back on where all was the survival of the fittest. But nothing to look forward but death for the new improved beasts.

Atheists: So anyway the smelly hairy disgusting sweaty beasts did all they could to improve their lives.

Theist: So where are the fossils that shows the changes between these horrible disgusting beasts, to improved beasts, to new and improved beasts?

Atheist: I think you need to learn about mutations.

Theist: This will explain the change?

Atheist: Well not exactly but at least you will get a clue about reality.

Theist: Back to your myth. When you began to drift off into trances to experience your ancestors in their natural habitat how does it make you feel?

Atheist: May I remind you again these beasts are your ancestors also. Don’t sit there and try to make me believe you are some special created by God creature when the truth is you evolved just like the rest of us.

Theist: If I did evolve from the disgusting creatures would I not recall it also as you do, as you probe into the deep recesses of your memory searching for your beginnings?

Atheist: Not if you deny it as you seem to do. You suppress it because you refuse to believe the truth because the Eden story was hammered into your psyche by other ignorant Christians.

Theist: Do you want to know what the Bible says about what you are now going off on?

Atheist: Go ahead and say it.

Theist: New age stuff. It is all imagination. This is why God forbids it.. Our imagination can go off into places that are dangerous. God commands through the apostle Paul us to  gird up the loins of our mind. He knows the mind is not what new agers think it is; a playground.

Atheist: When Darwin broke upon the world revealing his magnificent discovery; that informed us that we all descended from a common ancestor; probably an ignorant incredibly ugly and smelly sex crazed baboon it was the news the world had been waiting for. We wanted to know our origin. The age of enlightenment passed and we knew that God was dead, or rather  the idea of God. Now we know we descended from smelly beasts and the world is better for it. Can you imagine how that smelly ugly ignorant beast would have felt if he had known that one of his descendants would someday remember him? Darwin was that descendant. Can you imagine how proud that smelly ignorant beast would have been if he could have seen billions of years into the future to see his descendant discover aspirin?

To be continued….


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