Destruction of America

Statue of Liberty unveiled, by Edward Moran

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If one Googles the destruction of America he will bring up many hits.  A A Allen’s vision plus many others claiming visions and dreams from God that  America’s days are numbered.

Reverend Allen who died in 1970 said he saw a giant hand reach down from the sky. He said this hand forced the Statue of liberty to drink a cup of poison. He said the Statue of liberty said No I will not drink it. God then said to it, “You shall certainly drink it.”  God forced the cup to its mouth and made it drink to the last drop. It staggered then fell.

Next thing you know the Statue of Liberty is lying face down in the Gulf Coast done to the death.

This is upsetting. I do mean horribly upsetting.

Good news is the Lord never ever destroys the righteous with the wicked. This is clear in the Bible.

David Wilkerson has a book out Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth with a scary message of America’s destruction. He says none but a few will escape. You Tube has videos of those who had dreams and visions of America’s destruction. They saw missiles coming to our shores along with submarines. Nerve gas and chemical poisons to kill us all.

One minister said in his vision the enemies of America put our eyes out. What America sees with was destroyed. I have no idea how this happened that our radar system was cut down.

How absolutely horrific. Another man by the name of John Johnston claims to be having visions and dreams of total destruction of this country.

William Branham’s 1939 vision of great explosions in our nation and no sign of life.

This is horrible!

Another had a night vision of American presidents beginning at Truman  and ending at the last president which would be Obama. This man had this   vision back in the 70’s. He saw the names of the presidents up until Clinton then he saw only two presidents to go until the nation went off to judgment.

That would be Bush and Obama then no president; only a road that led to judgment.

I also had a terrible dream a few years ago from God of the dilemma this nation is in.  Bad news.  Hal Lindsey put it this way in one of his books concerning America’s problem..We are in deep poo poo.

I have family that I love. I thought to myself… there is no way God will destroy the righteous along with the blasphemers and wicked others who have no regard for God. In the Bible he always delivered his people before he laid the wicked waste for not doing what he said.

However there will be no rapture of the church. The church will see the appearance of the antichrist. I was taught the church would be gone  before all this happened. But in 1989 God said something to me that took twenty years before I understood what God meant. No rapture for escape and the antichrist will rise. The Christians will see him in power.

The Bible says the Lord will destroy the antichrist with the brightness of his coming. That every eye will see Jesus when he comes with clouds.

I have no problem believing God will destroy any nation. He has done it in the past and does it quite thoroughly when those nations are laid waste. He does it and who can stop him?

I can easily see why he would lay waste any nation for its wickedness.

Sin will be punished wherever it is found.

Yes there is a God and he has wrath. The Revelation of Jesus Christ speaks of the wrath of the lamb. Yes a lamb filled with wrath. God is not a plaything  as some think he is. He is not a figment of imagination. He will send judgment.

How do we get out of this mess is what I wondered. Literally. I had to go to the Bible to find out. Of course God can do anything. What good is this nation if most are dead and there is no food?

The only way of escape is to be transported to another place by the power of God. Or many will die and the ones left will seriously repent and live righteously waiting for the rapture. Of course they will also be suffering through the great tribulation. But then there are the Muslims who want all to become Muslims or die.

Those who say…”God is love and he won’t send people to hell or make them suffer or send horrible judgments.” Are these people blind to the horrific sufferings that took place on this planet? Can they not see the unspeakable sufferings taking place right now? I have no problem believing God sends judgment. I have no problem knowing God will destroy what opposes him.

CHRIST is the only way to be accepted by God.


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