Christian and Infidel

Christian: Would you explain exactly how a fish changed into a land animal billions of years ago? I reject the theory but just want to hear what you say about it.

Infidel: It was a lovely day. The sun was brightly shining. The waves of the deep blue sea were gently splashing against the rocks. Suddenly a fish swam near the shoreline. Next thing you know it is on land desperately trying to take in air through its quills. It tried and tried but died a horrible death after a few minutes.

Christian: Enter time-god.

Infidel: A billion years passed and another fish tried it. Of course literally trillions of fish had been trying this without success while the billion years were cruising along. Probably 300 billion years vanished into oblivion.  Nothing existed but marine life. Land was a barren wilderness void of living entities. But then came that fateful day which will live forever in infamy. This time a brave little fish was able to try to breathe in air through its quills a millionth of a second longer than the fish a billion years before. This was an exciting breakthrough for the human race. According to our dating machines which are without error it would only b e 1,000,000,000 billion years before the goo to fish to bird to reptile to ape to beastly smelly creature to man would appear. Then after another ten billion years passed the same thing is repeated. The next fish stays longer out of the water, then  the next fish longer then the last…and you get the picture.

Christian: So finally after an unbelievable billions of years go by finally a fish jumps out of the water breathes in air through its quills and becomes a land creature?

Infidel: Yes. After billions of years more, it then changed into a reptile. You know the process.  You can just imagine how long that took. It then sprouted wings and flew off into the wilderness to change into a bear. Within each creature was the stuff needed to become whatever natural selection made it to be. It just happened. There is no other explanation for man’s existence but that that makes sense.

Christian: So what was going on in outer space?

Infidel: The usual stuff. Black holes swallowing entire galaxies. Stars forming while planets collided with other planets causing gigantic tears in the universe. Terrific explosions caused by mysterious happenings no one can  understand. The universe is a mysterious place. It cannot be understood nor grasped. But as we study its workings we somehow learn who we are. For all we know we are part of the stars since we are all one with the cosmos.

Christian: What did the goo look like?

Infidel: Just your usual run of the mill goo. Nothing special.

Christian: What do you think of the prepositional phrase In the beginning?

Infidel: No one knows if there was a beginning. We can only speculate.

Christian: Speculate? Yet you speak of fish becoming lions after quadrillions of years for no apparent reason as if you were there watching it happen. There is no way, no way at all that anyone could know what took place long ago unless someone was there and wrote it down for us. What you are putting forward is merely a theory a guess. Really what the Bible calls imagination. A very dangerous thing is imagination. It is the mind wandering off to parts unknown..Seriously without documents to support what you say than you speak into the air. God communicated with us long ago. He sent us a message to let us know that he made us. He made himself known to the human race. This is only a few thousand years ago. We have written proof.

Infidel:  I admit we have no documents that go back trillions of years ago but Darwin said we came from apes.

Christian: And Darwin is dead right?

Infidel: Well yeah he died like we all must do.

Christian: How can you put any faith in a dead man?

Infidel: He left books.

Christian: So did others but that doesn’t mean the books are truthful.

Infidel: My exact point about the Bible.

Christian: The Bible proves itself. It is the only book that reads us. It can be proven in every way that exists. From it we learn how to live happy.

Editor’s note: before gills were gills they were quills it was a genetic mix up     because of the interrelationship to the porcupine which would evolve zillions of years later on a dark summer night..

To be continued…


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