Atheist and Theist (17)


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Theist: It says in the Bible in Job 26:7 `He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth on nothing` I have peace knowing this is true. But want to hear something outrageous? An atheist said once that Christians spread fear around with their talk of God and hell. Add to that the rapture which will leave atheists here to suffer through a seven-year tribulation where they most likely will be tortured and killed by the antichrist.

Atheist: That is horrible to say those things. None of it is true. As for the earth; it is suspended in space held in place by gravity. Science explains it all. Science has replaced superstition and the world is better for it. I spread not fear but truth.

Theist: That is a matter of opinion my friend…But I will tell you what is spreading fear around. Atheists say there is no God. That all just happened by chance. One big bang and poof here we are! The very notion that the earth which does hang on nothing as it says in the Bible, is simply in place by chance is not a nice thing to spread around. That any time by chance the earth could suddenly fall into the deep blackness of never-ending space. Now that is spreading fear.

Atheist: But that won’t happen. Physics proves that what comes up comes down. And the sun has a  strong gravitational force to keep it in place even if it is very far from the sun.

Theist: Yes physics which came from the mind of God.  But according to evolution there is a chance that gravity fails. This is the basic teaching of evolution; chance. A fairy tale. Father Time, his wife Mother Earth, and their unpredictable flighty son Chance. Not to mention an insane outer space. Remember your spiral galaxies being swallowed by dark holes by chance? Your..

Atheist: Now you’re being facetious I think. Yes it could fail. Anything is possible. Nothing is guaranteed. And yes we are evolving at this moment. Things are constantly changing for the better. The things taking place in outer space are random. So yes we can suddenly drop into the nothingness of space. But I’m sure we are safe. We won’t fall.

Theist: I am sure also but only because of the information in Hebrews 1:3 speaking of Jesus Christ; `Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high:` There is no chance the earth will  suddenly take a drop like a plane suddenly losing altitude. Jesus is holding it all in place by the word of his power. By the way the second law of thermodynamics is the law of entropy. So you are wrong and science proves it. Things tend to decay and randomness not to order and improvement.

Atheist: Old stuff which has been disproved. Evolution is happening and we call it science. Darwin the genius the savior of mankind who was brilliant enough to know the difference between a fairy tale and reality. Science is all we need.

Theist: Science? You mean science like smelly hairy beasts stomping through meadows crushing flowers as they go? So what did the earth look like when the hairy creatures were here? Or before that? I don’t believe any of this is true that we evolved or that the earth is gazillions of years old for no apparent reason. Why is it that reason and logic are the enemies of evolution?

Atheist: Logic and reason are the foundation of it. I read in New Scientist that the Earth’s landmasses in the late Precambrian probably weren’t pleasant, but at least they were green. A new analysis of limestone rocks laid down between 1 billion and 500 million years ago suggests that there was extensive plant life on land much earlier than previously thought. The plants were only tiny mosses and liverworts, but they would have had a profound effect on the planet. They turned the hitherto barren Earth green, created the first soils and pumped oxygen into the atmosphere, laying the foundations for animals to evolve in the Cambrian explosion that started 542 million years ago.

Theist: Previously thought huh? Always a thought a guess an assumption. Let’s just call it what it is theories. So how do you prove this? Saying this was going on 542 million years ago is absurd. I really don’t think evolutionists have any idea how long a million years is, much less 542 million.

Atheist: I read also in New Scientist that it was already known from genetic evidence that mosses and liverworts probably evolved around 700 million years ago, but up till now there was little sign that they had colonized land to any great extent. The assumption was that terrestrial life consisted of patchy bacterial mats and “algal scum” until the mid-Ordovician, 475 million years ago, when land was first invaded by modern-looking vascular plants.

Theist: The assumption? Genetic evidence? Like what? It is always that isn’t it? An assumption. Or a wild guess. It is ludicrous to think anyone, I don’t care how many degrees he has can determine something is 700 millions old.

Atheist: You are simply in denial. You want to believe in God. But you cannot believe in God and science at the same time. Fundies live in la la land and science is one thing they do not understand.

Theist: Actually science was my best subject in school.

To be continued…

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