Attorney Evolutionist (3)

Attorney Christian: Father Time I have no doubt you have been used and abused by evolution. But the facts are clear in the Bible about what you are.  You move forward in  seconds and minutes. You become hours and days.  You become a week then a month until you are a year. But you always move forward. But there is no documented evidence you were moving forward from billions of years ago. No evidence that you were causing things to change into other things simply by moving forward. You were created by God. And you may not want to hear this; but someday soon you will be no more. Genesis 1:14 says…”And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years,” You have a wonderful purpose on earth, this is why evolution has tried to rob you of your God created purpose.

Attorney Evolutionist: I object to this sentimental religious hogwash! Counselor is leading the witness.

Judge: Objection overruled.

Attorney Christian: Tell me Time when Darwin asked you to be a part of this hoax did you realize what it all meant?

Time:I did not. He simply said that my life would be prolonged. That I would become famous and be lauded as the creator of all things in existence. I now see that it was Satan trying to get me to exalt myself. I do now see that soon I will be no more.

Attorney Christian: You were faithful. The world could not turn in order without you.

Attorney Evolutionist: Your honor I object! Why must I listen to such cheesy nonsense?

Judge: Objection overruled!

Attorney Christian: I have no further questions for this witness.

Time steps down and keeps moving forward.

Attorney Evolutionist: Your Honor I would like to call Goo the witness stand.

Forest green Goo takes the stand after being sworn in. He lies under oath as did Pilt Down Man.

Attorney Christian: Your name is Goo?

Goo: Yes my name is Goo. Forest Green Goo.

Attorney Christian: How old are you?

Goo: No one knows not even me. I just suddenly appeared one day far away on a distant shore. I was not then I was. I am sorry but I have no evidence for this. I assume this is what happened or so I was told.

Attorney Christian: Who told you were goo and just suddenly appeared?

Goo: Darwin did. He said I am the beginning of the human race.

Attorney Christian: How did you meet Mr Darwin?

Goo: I didn’t exactly meet him like as in a formal meeting. He said I was and therefore I was. I struggled for existence he said until natural selection decided for me to form into a single cell. Then I became a tadpole. Then a monkey than a creeping crawling thing. It continued for literally billions and billions of years until I was a smelly hairy sex-crazed disgusting ignorant beast.

Attorney Evolutionist: I object to this line of questioning! It is leading the witness with no regard for facts and evidence which can resolve the mystery of this case.

Judge: Objection overruled. Court is adjourned for lunch.

To be continued….





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