Attorney Evolutionist (4)

Attorney Christian: You may step down Goo. I may need you later so don’t leave town. Your Honor if it please the court I want to call to the stand little Tommy.

Judge: Continue.

Little Tommy takes the stand after being sworn in to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Attorney Christian: State your full name and age.

Tommy True: My name is Tommy and I am seven years old.

Attorney Christian: Is it true that you are at this time undergoing counseling by your pastor?

Attorney Evolutionist: I object your Honor! This is nothing but more sentimental hogwash specifically designed to play on the sympathies of  the emotions of the jury.

Judge: Objection overruled! May I remind you Counselor that whether you like it or not the human race possess emotions. Emotions which without we would be nothing but feeling-less animals. You may answer the question Tommy.

Tommy: Yes.

Attorney Christian: Please tell the court why.

Tommy: My teacher told me I acted like a monkey in class because I came from a monkey. She said every one of us were animals and that is why we act like them sometimes. She even called my mom and dad liars because of telling us that God loves us. I had never heard that stuff before. It was scary and confusing.

Attorney Christian: How did this make you feel?

Tommy: Very hurt.

Attorney Christian: What else did she  say to you?

Tommy: She told the whole class that God did not make us. She said there is no God. She said we are all here by chance. That a big bang happened for no reason and that is why we don’t behave in class sometimes because we are really monkeys.

Attorney Evolutionist: Your Honor I must object to this line of questioning. Counselor is leading the witness to a creationist conclusion!

Judge: Objection overruled! Let the boy answer the questions. You know how kids are they simply tell it like it is.

Attorney Christian: What happened later?

Tommy: I was scared when I went to bed that night. After my dad tucked me in for the night I felt all alone there in the darkness. I used to go right to sleep knowing that God was watching over me in tender love like they told me. But after the teacher said that I was a monkey that I used to be goo. She said a nasty hairy beast was my great-great-great-great grampa and there was no God I got scared. I even thought the earth would fall into black space with no one to help us. It was awful!

Attorney Christian: And this is why you are undergoing counseling now by a minister of the gospel?

Tommy: Yes and since then the nightmares have stopped.

Attorney Christian: What did the minster tell you?

Tommy: He said that Jesus loved me so much he died for me.

Attorney Christian:How did this make you feel?

Tommy: Loved and protected! All my fears went away.

Attorney Christian: Thank you Tommy.

Judge: Attorney Evolutionist: You may cross-examine the witness.

Attorney Evolutionist: Tommy do you believe you came from a monkey?

Tommy True: No I do not!

Attorney Evolutionist: Do you deny science?

Attorney Christian: I object to this ludicrous question. Science has nothing to do with evolution.

Judge: Objection sustained..

Attorney Evolutionist: Do you know what science is Tommy?

Tommy True:  My dad said that science can be trusted just like God can be trusted. Only God can be trusted more because he is the one who made science. My dad said that science never fails to come up with the right answer. It is like  arithmetic. My dad said evolution cannot be proved because it is a lie.

Attorney Evolutionist: Is your dad a Christian?

Tommy True: No but he said there  is a God because he said something cannot come from nothing. It makes sense to me. But what the teacher said to me was scary.

Attorney Evolutionist: Isn’t it true Tommy that you are a nervous type kid and this is why you need to know there is a God watching over you? Isn’t it true that your dad is also a nervous person who needs a crutch to make it through life?

Judge: Counselor if I hear one more question of this sort you will be denied access to this case.

Attorney Evolutionist: Let me rephrase that. Tommy isn’t it true that you  are just mad at your teacher for making you stay after school for disrupting the whole class?

Tommy True: No that isn’t why. When she showed us pictures of monkeys and apes she said they were my grandparents it was scary. That is when I began to have nightmares when she said that there was no God who loved me.

Attorney Evolutionist: But Tommy isn’t it enough that your parents love you?

Tommy True: Yes and they said love comes from God.

Attorney Evolutionist: Isn’t it true that your dad told you what to say?

Tommy True: No he told me to just answer the questions.

Attorney Evolutionist” I have no further need of this witness.

Attorney Evolutionist: I want to call Goo to the witness stand.

Goo takes the stand and swears lies with his right hand up.

To be continued..




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