Goo’s Incredible Journey (2)

Attorney Evolutionist: Your Honor I beg the court to demand that Attorney Christian cease attacking my witnesses and this case.

Judge: Goo you may continue..sigh…

Goo: I was particularly entranced of the Ice Age. It was cold. I almost didn’t make it through from the frost. Anyway I overcame it and became a polar bear. I was a seal and a penguin, a saber toothed tiger a giant ground slouth, a mastodon and every mammoth imaginable. Of course this was over 100,000 years ago. This was during the Triassic Period when dinosaurs appeared out of me the incredible goo. Time and goo what a team!

Attorney Evolutionist: Your honor if it please the court would it be acceptable if Goo tells us what was his favorite creature to evolve into?

Attorney Christian: I object! The entire examination of this obviously hallucinating gob of goo should be animated, placed on a big screen, advertised, and sold for what it is; science fiction cartoons!

Judge: Objection sustained. Goo you may answer the question.

Goo: My favorite creature was when I became a dinosaur. The Tyrannosaur Rex was my favorite evolving experience. I evolved from nothing to become a brainless creature. I wandered around for billions of years until I died out because of my desire to evolve into something else such as a roly-poly bug.

Attorney Evolutionist: Thank you Goo. You may step down.

Goo slips down and slides to his chair.

Attorney Christian: I would like to call to the stand the world’s foremost authority on evolution lie Dr Tim the Truth.

Tim the Truth you may begin quoting Henry Morris in his book The Remarkable Birth of Planet earth:

(p. 14) All processes manifest a tendency toward decay and disintegration, with a net increase in what is called the entropy, or state of randomness or disorder, of the system. This is called the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

(p. 19) There is a universal tendency for all systems to go from order to disorder, as stated in the Second Law, and this tendency can only be arrested and reversed under very special circumstances. We have already seen, in Chapter I, that disorder can never produce order through any kind of random process. There must be present some form of code or program, to direct the ordering process, and this code must contain at least as much “information” as is needed to provide this direction.
Furthermore, there must be present some kind of mechanism for converting the environmental energy into the energy required to produce the higher organization of the system involved. …
Thus, any system that experiences even a temporary growth in order and complexity must not only be “open” to the sun’s energy but must also contain a “program” to direct the growth and a “mechanism” to energize the growth. The Second Law (Law of Energy decay) states that every system left to its own devices always tend to move from order to disorder, its energy tending to be transformed into lover levels of availability, finally reaching the state of complete randomness and unavailability for further work.

and from Wikipedia; The first law of thermodynamics is an expression of the principle of conservation of energy.

The law says that energy can be transformed, i.e. changed from one form to another, but cannot be created nor destroyed. It is usually formulated  by stating that the change in the internal energy of a system is equal to the amount of heat  supplied to the system, minus the amount of work performed by the system on its surroundings.

Attorney Christian: What more proof does this court need to prove Goo the liar that he is? He is not only a liar but a troublemaker claiming that he himself is God. This is the same crime evolution perpetrated on the world when they claimed Time aka the Time-god to be God Almighty. Time which is capable only of moving forward since its creation in Genesis 1 by God cannot create anything from slime and gunk. Any sane reasonable individual knows this. From nothing to something is the outrageous shameless lie that Goo has been saying all along

Does Goo think he can go against universal laws? Does Goo think he can force those laws to bend to his lies. I was in the audience at his last seminar when he said that he was at one time a spiral galaxy. Look at Goo! Is it not clear what he is? Goo is actually claiming to be the energy of the universe. Goo thinks he is God. Delusional is not quite descriptive of his breakdown. Goo is absolutely mad!

Attorney Evolutionist: I object to this religious outburst! Goo is science! Goo is the scientific reason why all things exist! Time caused all things to be by chance. Only a fool would think otherwise. We evolved from lower forms of life I tell you! And Goo is the scientific proof of this incredible thing we call life.

Judge: (slams down his gavel) I demand order in this court! Truth you may take a seat. Attorney Christian may now address the jury. Then after that Attorney Evolutionist may submit to them his final argument.

Attorney Christian: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury thank you for your presence here to determine the truth of this case…Let me begin my argument with this….am I to believe that Attorney Evolutionist visits zoos to laugh at his ancestors? As he stands there in front of the monkey cage why does he not feel loving emotions toward these nasty creatures whose only purpose seems to be to disgust? Why is he even locking up his relatives? Is this love and respect?  Does he have an answer why I and most of the earth inhabitants do not believe Goo? Why would I disown my distant relatives? Why do I visit zoos? Why do I not take gifts to the lions and bears? The answer is obvious.

Attorney Evolutionist apparently visits them to laugh at his ancestors. Why is he not thanking them for his life? Why are their photos not included in his family album? Why does he refer to them as apes and not as his loving relatives. There is something missing here alright and it seems to be Goo’s brain.

As proved in this courtroom the two laws of thermodynamics have nothing to do with Goo’s testimony. The notion that he evolved into numberless creatures over billions upon billions of years is so outrageous it boggles the mind and attempts to bend the logic and reason of thinking human beings.

There once was chaos in the cosmos. But what GOD SAID changed everything. Things began to appear and form. The sole reason was GOD SAID. But Goo refuses to acknowledge God he claims he did it all simply by being Goo.  Goo demands worship as the God of creation. Goo wants to be Yahweh of the Old Testament. Goo wants to be like the Most High. Goo says he was once a polar bear. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury can anyone here while remaining true to his own existence, his own conscience in all honesty believe he came from Goo?

Can anyone here testify that he has seen disorder then suddenly order appears from it? Isn’t it true that we have to make order? In every way order must be made even as the judge displayed when he banged his gavel and demanded order. All things including humans do not naturally do what is order. We all have a tendency to get out-of-order. God calls it sin and Goo calls it evolution. If evolution were true would we not all improve to never die? Why do we die? Why do we everyday of our lives mess up in one way or the another? We do because we are prone to wander as the songwriter observed and recorded. But Goo’s testimony is that all things came from goo for no apparent reason. That things keep getting better and smarter. No sane person believes this. One of Goo’s worst crimes was he being the cause of thousands of searches for what does not exist; transitional fossils.

Judge: The court will take a recess for lunch.

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