President Obama’s Birth Certificate

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That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past. (Ecclesiastes 3:15)

This passage tells us that we cannot run from our past. Though we live in the present make plans for the future, still the Lord requires that which is past.

We may run as fast as we can from our past. But God will catch up with us. He runs faster and he can out wait us.

There should not even be a question about the president’s birth certificate. But there is. To dismiss the question of millions of intelligent law-abiding Americans who ask to see a vault certificate is not being reasonable.

Obama could easily put this issue to rest simply by talking directly to the nation from the Oval Office explaining what he thinks is the problem. But he doesn’t. He ignores the problem.

But the birthers will win in the end because of God’s law which says that God requires what is past. Obama will sooner or later have to deal with this birth certificate issue face to face. There is no way out for him. The birthers not him have God on their side so the birthers will win this fight.

It is absurd to think that millions of Americans are asking a stupid question about his birth certificate.

Obama should speak frankly about this matter to the birthers. To laugh about it, ignore it or to act as if it isn’t there is making the problem greater. Saying the question is answered with the online certificate obviously is not the answer.

No one has come forward saying they were there when he was born in Hawaii. No one has come forward saying they know someone who was there when he was born in Hawaii.

This matter will not go away simply because it is a legitimate question asked by legitimate Americans. The legitimate question deserves a legitimate answer.


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    The Zohar HaKadosh says President Bush will come to Yerushalayim (as President) the first time, for a 3-day visit and will leave healthy and whole. Within short time, he’ll return to Israel a second time also as President Bush and during this time, judgment on the world will be tough.

    In total, President Gog Bush will visit Israel 3 times. But between his second and third visit, something* will occur that will cause the USA elections to be cancelled and President Bush will remain the president.

    (It is interesting to note that the name Bush בוש read in reverse is Shuv שוב – RETURN.)

    When President Bush will return to Israel for the THIRD time, it will not be as the previous president of the USA, but rather the whole world will know that he is HaShem’s elected PRESIDENT GOG.


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