Transported by God

Some years ago I was driving along, going about forty-five miles an hour seeing  a green light up ahead. But right when I reached the intersection to go through it I saw a car coming from my right. The driver of the car ran the  red light and there was no way for us to avoid a collision. I remember thinking This is it! But the next thing I knew I was far away from the intersection going up the hill that leads to my house.

I remember clearly my eye-blink because my eyes were open seeing the car about to hit me. When one blinks; the eyelid touches the bottom of the eye for a split-split second before opening again. So when I came to I noticed my eye-blink was unchanged. I just knew it. As if no time had passed since I was entering the intersection about to get hit by another car.  I say “came to” because I seemed to be non-existent, or asleep when God moved me and my car.

I knew what happened of course. God had transported me and my car out of harm’s way. Or maybe it was out of death’s way. It was an exciting experience; one I will never forget.

My experience is not unusual it has happened to others. Two Christians said that God had transported them from one town to the next. They did not have to drive there they suddenly found themselves there.

God can do anything! I have seen him do many miracles not only in my life but in others’ lives.

I have often wondered what the driver of the other car saw when this happened. I have no idea.

What a God!!!


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