God Impressed Me David Barton Says (Part 2)

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Millenniums ago God gave a dream to a pagan king Nebuchadnezzar of the future of the world, than brought down his kingdom. This so-called great king of Babylon was crawling and eating grass like an ox because he failed to give God the glory.

What god does Barton know? Not the sin hating God of the Bible. Not the soul loving, healing, delivering, saving those who repent of their sins, no matter what nation they live in God of the Bible.

God wants to save the lost not raise SAT scores.  Study the lives of the apostles and learn how God works when he saves a remnant of a nation, as he did Israel. The apostles were out winning the lost; not looking for Gamaliel. Nor having the Christians read Hillel or Homer.

It was when the apostles died and the gospel went into the hands of the Gentiles that the Dark Ages fell. Why? Because the state tried to use and practice Christianity. And when it did so, it enslaved the minds of men to the point it had them paralyzed and bound to dictatorship in the form of priests and emperors. And Christ was forgotten, when in their search for liberty and freedom bowing down to the emperor, to them he was no longer the Savior but the puppet of the pope.

Why did God give us the Bible? so we could know what Thus says the Lord. We can read what God says. Impressions are not trustworthy as is proved by many getting impressions that proved to be wrong.I remember years ago hearing on the news of a man who said “God told me to kill so and so.”

Why even read the Bible if we can depend on impressions?  In Barton’s impressions it is education we need, not global sinners who desperately need Christ.

Feelings are not to be trusted since we know feelings can change like the weather. We need that “more sure word of prophecy” which is the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD.

To say that God “impressed me” is no proof God said anything. If it doesn’t agree with the written word of God we can be sure the Lord did not say it.

If what you claim God “impressed” you with is not about the redemption of the lost we can be sure God did not say it. If what you claim came from God is for hating the least among us we know it is not from the God of the Bible.

If what you are impressed with is to make laws that force the unsaved to follow Christ it is not God. Jesus sets captives free not make them captive to laws they want nothing to do with. The Bible says whosoever will let him come…

The Hebrew prophets said...The word of the Lord came to me. Not I was impressed. Impressions is nothing but witchcraft. It is the flesh not the word of the Lord. Anything that separates that attempts to exalt man and nations is not of God. God tells us to humble ourselves not brag and boast.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Also the word of the Lord always has to do with redemption. Or judgment.

Barton claims to be following God’s leading here. But gives no scripture to support what he said God said. Without scripture he has nothing.

There is nothing in the entire Bible from Genesis to the Revelation of Jesus Christ that tells anyone to look up anything secular. In fact Jesus said to love not the world neither the things that are in the world. And that if any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him.

Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world. Not of this world. Jesus said to occupy until he comes. He meant go into business. Win the lost into his kingdom that is NOT of this world. Anything that is of the world is not of his kingdom.

Does Barton think he is greater than the apostle Paul who said he counted all things but DUNG that he may win Christ? Paul was educated at the feet of Gamaliel.


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