TBN Needs To Get Saved (Part 2)

The foundation of Christ 1 Corinthians 3:11; p...

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 “…Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought:

But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:

 Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory… ( 1 Corinthians 2: 6-8)

Who crucified Jesus of Nazareth? Demons did. Paul tells us in this passage exactly who crucified him. Back then the Romans used this horrible method to execute criminals. I don’t want to think about nails being pounded into innocent healing hands. Neither do you. But there were Roman soldiers who without a second thought brutally without mercy pounded nails into Jesus’ hands. After they committed this evil deed, they gambled for his clothes.

There they were as he was suffering unbelievable excruciating pain; casting lots to see who got to steal his robe that was woven without seam. They didn’t want to divide it into parts because of the way it was made.

Jesus wore a robe that didn’t fly open to reveal his body in any way I am sure. He was covered from his neck to his feet with the robe woven without seam. Maybe the Roman soldiers had never seen this before; a robe that didn’t reveal the body in any way.

The Jews did not stone Jesus to death. No they somehow got the Romans to murder him by crucifixion. This is what they wanted: to kill Jesus. To silence him. They wanted to stop his condemnation of their wicked ways. They saw him as a great threat to their wicked way of life. Pilate the governor after examining him said he found no fault in Jesus. Yet told them to crucify him anyway. What kind of person tells a mob of crazed hate-filled people to kill an innocent man? Hate-filled people is what kind.

They did not in any way see who Jesus was: the King of glory.

The above passage tells us what happened that day. The “princes of the world” murdered Jesus. Paul says that IF the demons (the evil princes who rule the world) had known who Jesus was they would not have crucified him. Paul knew well who Jesus was. He not only met him on the Damascus road, but he talked with the men who had walked and talked with him for over three years or so.  And thereafter Saul of Tarsus lived a life that reflected his knowledge of who Jesus Christ was.  Saul the murderer so repented of his sins; and  the sin of murdering followers of Jesus that he thereafter went by the name of Paul. Maybe he could not bear to be Saul the murderer anymore so he even changed his name to Paul to get away from what he was: the man who killed the believers in the Lord of glory: Jesus Christ.

Paul understood it by revelation and explained in his letters to the churches the profound seriousness of what had taken place at Golgotha. He said that Jesus was the sacrifice for sins; he was the slaughtered offering.

If the demons had known he would rise from the dead, thereby purchasing our salvation by offering his body in the brazen altar to be slaughtered, they would not have killed him. They mocked him as he hung dying in profound agony. They laughed and spit on his face before they did this evil.

How mean and hateful does one have to be to do what they did to Jesus?

He died according to the scriptures. God knew when he sent his Son they would kill him. God knew they would utterly reject his love. They would not understand it. A few did: and this few was a part of the remnant of Israel.

Jesus was murdered by the system. He died at the hands of wicked men. He did not go to Israel with a big smile to announce he came to die for sinners. That is not what happened. He was innocent. He was a wonderful man. He was kind and good. He fed their hungry and healed the sick. He even raised dead people back to life. But they did not see who he was. It is a sad story the story of Jesus: that they did this to an innocent man is horrendous.

Who actually killed him? Paul the apostle tells us who did in the above passage. The princes of this world did it. Devils from hell did it using the hands of wicked men. Who in his right mind would execute an innocent man? Who would kill a man who healed their sick  and diseased? Who? If you knew a man who made food appear out of nowhere; a man who raised your friend’s twelve-year old daughter from the dead; would you kill him?

A man who went about doing good as the scripture says.

It has happened in history that innocent people have been executed by the system. They died because the evidence against them was no evidence. The mob mentality minded ignorant are the ones who kill innocent people.

This was done to the Lord of glory: Jesus Christ.

He really was born in Bethlehem. He really grew to be a man. He did nothing worthy of death. Yet they hated him so much; their hatred of him was so intense that they killed him.

And TBN uses this tragedy every day to make money. Truly sad that TBN repeats over and over and over and over what the princes of this world (demons) did to Jesus Christ.

But the good news is Jesus is risen from the dead. And because he lives we shall live also if we believe in him.


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