The Daniel Fast?

Daniel refusing the King's Food

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I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. (Daniel 10:3)

Traveling around the internet looking at what others say about the Daniel fast I found one thing; it all is about one thing: eating food.  Tons of recipes.

So what is the point? Daniel said he ate no pleasant food. No meat. No wine.

I take this to mean he ate no food that brought him pleasure? Hmmm…this is difficult to interpret for me since all food is pleasing to me. Whether it is a raw carrot, a stick of celery, or a hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. But If I eat three times a day plus have an eight o’clock snack (doing a Daniel fast) how could I be fasting?

If I eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a piece of toast of wheat bread  and a smear of butter-and some fruit how am I fasting? If I have a salad how am I fasting? I thought to fast means to abstain from food. It really does mean that.

I wondered what is the Daniel fast. Is it really eating three times a day not denying my body the nutrition it needs? According to what I have read the Daniel fast has nothing to do with denying oneself. It is about eating only what is good for you in the amounts that is healthy for you. I see that not as a fast but as the correct way to eat period. We should always be eating good nutritious foods in the proper amounts at all times.

For some the Daniel fast does not come affordable. This cannot be God if he expects me to do a fast I cannot afford to buy the fasting foods for.

So am I to believe that when the Hebrew prophet Daniel was not eating foods that brought him pleasure (no pleasant food) he was eating junk foods? That when he was not doing his 21 day denying himself foods that delighted his palate fast, he was feasting on meats and deserts along with wines . This doesn’t sound like a prophet of God to be defiling his body with foods that are not good for him.

I still wasn’t satisfied with me doing a fast named after the prophet. I kept telling myself the only way I could deny myself was not to eat at all. I have done that. Now that is fasting. No food!

I understand Daniel saying here that he ate no pleasant food. I wonder if that meant he did not eat period. Where does it say in that passage that Daniel ate anything? Hate it I do and it is true that there have been words either added or taken from the Bible. I wonder if the word “pleasant” was added to the Bible by some unscrupulous food loving glutton? Or Daniel meant he did not eat? No pleasant foods for me means no food at all. Because all food is pleasant to me.

I decided that the best way to do a so-called Daniel fast was to deny myself anything that delighted my appetite. So if I felt like eating a steak with a baked potato stuffed with sour cream I exchange that for a stick of celery. Only one stick of celery: just enough food to keep me going.

Even better is fasting all day then at five o’clock sharp have a small salad. No meats, no desserts, no beverages. Only water. One meal a day in the form of a simple salad. Water and more water.

I knew a brother who did 28 day fasts eating only fruits and nuts. He said God would tell him what to eat. It was fruit and nuts.

Bless anyone who does the Daniel fast eating three times a day only nutritious foods. But to not eat all day then eat no pleasant food at five PM each day for 21 days is better to me.

Of course if one is unable to fast because of health issues….that is their business. But Jesus said not if you fast…but he said WHEN you fast.

God is not going to tell you to something you cannot do. But in conclusion fasting means to abstain from food.


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