My Friend’s Birth Certificate Problem

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I have a friend who was born here in the United States of America.

Yes right here in America my friend was born one beautiful day. Right in an old-fashioned farm-house to an American born mother who  has a birth certificate. Her father has one also. They then moved from the farm to the city. This is all documented. When his parents bought the new house in the new city everything was documented.

The schools my friend’s parents attended have records that show they were indeed students there. Every hospital they went to have records that they were there: when they were there, and why. Records on their entire lives exist in the United States of America. America sees them not as strangers but as citizens who did this or that. And can prove all this with documents.

My friend can prove almost his every movement throughout his entire life simply by producing documents. It is as someone said of America: If our paperwork is ever destroyed we are done!

My friend has a birth certificate. It is legal. It has a seal on it along with a signature. It is the real deal.

Now my friend tells me that the state he recently moved to refuses to issue him a driver’s license. Why? Well it happens that when my friend applied for a driver’s license in I’ll call it Nebraska, Nebraska asked for a birth certificate.

This In spite of the fact that my friend has had a driver’s license since the age of sixteen issued by the old state he moved from: I ‘ll call it Maine.

My friend asked them What? You want what? My birth certificate? I have a driver’s license from Maine which I have had for decades. I was born in the United States and I can prove it. Maine gave me a driver’s license. They did not do this without my birth certificate eons ago. Here it is! I have had it for decades with no problem.

Here is my social security number and my photo. Look here is the pic of  me in my old high school yearbook. Here is my pic in elementary school. Here is me at Middle school. Here is a photo of me and my teacher. Here is me on my fifth birthday with all my friends who are my friends to this day. Here are my childhood friends they all remember us playing softball in the corner vacant lot.

The DMV tells my friend, Sorry we need to see your birth certificate before we can issue you a Nebraska drivers license. My friend is in absolute shock.

It turns out that two different first names appear on two different documents. One name is the name given him at birth by his mother. The other name given him by the  Roman Catholic priest who baptized him. One name is on the birth certificate. The other on the Catholic baptismal certificate.

For three years my friend battled to get his new state’s driver’s license. But could not until he proved using documents that he was indeed the same person named on the birth certificate as the person named on the baptismal certificate.

Even with his photo and a driver’s license record that went back decades it did not convince Nebraska that the two names belonged to the same person. Nothing helped.

I still don’t know if my friend got his driver’s license from his new state. Last I heard he was stressed out spending money trying to prove his identity.

And he has lived here all his life; has never once left the borders of America.

But even though he can produce witnesses and documents he is refused a driver’s license until he can produce a birth certificate. But the birth certificate is still insufficient because it doesn’t match the name on the Catholic certificate.


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