Goo’s Sentencing by Judge

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This court will now come to order.  Bring the slimy lying prisoner forth.

Goo is brought forward shackled and chained. He shuffles with hands behind his back. He glares at each of the jurors who found Goo guilty of lying to the world. Then suddenly in an unexpected move he lunges forward toward one of the jurors screaming “You ignorant country bumpkin! You empty-headed imbecile! Science is nothing you could understand! Your life is a fairy tale! I hope…” The judge slams his gavel down charging Goo “Have you no shame? Have you no remorse? Of course you don’t.”

Goo is made to stand directly in front of the bench. He refuses to face the judge so he looks again at the jury with murder in his eyes.

The judge looks at Goo and somberly says to him:

Goo you have tried to play God. You think you are God. You a slimy gob of goo from supposedly some far off distant shore, which just happened for no apparent reason, that suddenly popped out of the sea to land on the sand to begin earth’s history is so preposterous, I am shocked you could not have come up with a better tale.

Your outrageous claim that you made the human eye by simply being goo while waiting on the fictitious time-god, to work his magic, is so outrageous, so absurd; no sane thinking human being can accept it as anything that even remotely resembles truth. Goo a preacher taught that in the Hebrew language there is no profanity. There is no slang. All words in the Hebrew language which language our Old Testament was written in are words; true words. My point Goo is this; in the Hebrew language there is no word for the English word truththe only word that can describe truth is reality.


Goo your version of truth is not reality. Your reality is not truth. See Goo your life is a lie. Your life has destroyed the hope of millions perhaps billions. You are the cause of so many wicked things that is now present in the world that the only thing for you is death.

You must die Goo for there is no reason for you to exist. Do you understand that life is something one experiences it is a gift from God; what you are is a lie.

Goo I sentence you to death by hanging. May God have mercy on your gooey soul.

Goo glances around the courtroom looking hoping there is someone, something that can help him. Nothing. And before he is taken away to die the death of a lying deceiving perpetrator he spits on the floor and says to the judge; “I am Goo!”

Judge dismisses the case with This court is adjourned. Take the lying weasel away!


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