Joyce Meyer Said What God Did Not Say (2)

“A few years ago, the Lord said to me, ‘Joyce, I am not nearly as hard to get along with as most of you think I am.’” (Joyce Meyer)

Yet you say, The way of the LORD is not equal. Hear now, O house of Israel; Is not my way equal? are not your ways unequal? (Ezekiel 18:25)  (GOD)

Here in  this passage God says that his ways are equal. He also tells Israel their ways are unequal. Complete opposite. End of story. We are all opposite to God in everything. He is light we are darkness. He is strength and we are weak. He is health and we sick.  He is rich and we are poor.  He is righteous and we are sinners. He is the Creator and we are the creatures. And so on…

And as Christians we are grafted into the olive tree which is Israel. So did this grafting in make any of us equal in our ways?

No it did not. God says his ways are equal and our ways are unequal. It follows that equal and unequal cannot get along.

We must be saved by God’s mercy and grace. Still he does not save us to “get along with him.” He saves us to serve him. To love and worship him. Two people Getting along implies the two are in some way equal. There has to be something that unites them to make them both equal. All the Lord did for us when he died for us, still did not place us in a position to “get along with him.”

He is Lord and we are his servants. Paul the apostle even called himself a slave of Jesus Christ.

If a prisoner is standing in front of a judge the judge doesn’t say to the prisoner “I’m not nearly as hard to get along with as most of you think I am.”

The only thing here is the judge decides what happens to the prisoner for his crimes. He doesn’t forgive him: he sentences him or dismisses the charges. Whether he sentences him or dismisses the charges the judge and the criminal cannot get along. There is no mutual ground for them. If the criminal is the judge’s brother they still cannot get along. Much less can anyone “get along with God.”

God sent his Son to die in our place. If we repent and receive him and get saved that still doesn’t give us anything to get along with God with. We have nothing to bring to the table.

Salvation makes it possible by the grace and mercy of God that we can serve God not get along with him. Pat Robertson said something once that I believe is true. He said “Don’t get too familiar with God. He will strike you down.”


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