Every Preacher Is A False Prophet?

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The acid test of a true prophet of God is this: He will never once get it wrong.  If he does then we can know without doubt he is false. End of story.

Since God is never wrong; it follows his spokesperson will not be wrong……ever. Never will he get it wrong.

All the prophet needs to do is miss it just once and he is toast. Why? Because God vindicates his prophets. Prophets are special to God; very special. They are never wrong in what they preach or in what they predict. God is with them for sure. Prophets are his mouthpiece. He speaks through his prophets. They know the word of the Lord according to What Says the Scripture. Not according to impressions or feelings or imaginations. Everything God says through a prophet will agree with the written record: the Bible.

Saying Thus saith the Lord and then speaking your own mind, then saying it is God is what many do. Not all speak for God as we can see when what they predict fails to  come to pass.

I was at a few sites where every preacher since the apostle Paul is a labeled a heretic.

They are called false prophets and heretics. Other names also.

The sites even have preacher photos there with the word HERETIC or FALSE PROPHET in big bold letters. You can scroll down and see photos of preacher after preacher. All of them are accused of being false or a heretic.

Granted some are. But not all are false. There are among us true prophets of God. It cannot be that all of them are false. Anyone who asks constantly for money to give themselves outrageous salaries is a false prophet no doubt. God said he would do as he told us in Philippians 4:19 supply all of our need. Since he already said he would why ask? Why continually beg for money when the Lord already said in his written word that he would meet your needs? Not your wants and desires to consume it upon your lusts. But he shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory. Not your riches but HIS riches.

God is responsible to meet the need. The manna will fall be sure.

But to call every minister false is  false in itself. They are not all false.

I laughed when scrolling down seeing photo after photo of smiling preachers and stamped across their face is  HERETIC. I didn’t laugh because it is funny. I laughed because we laugh at the absurd.

When one says to send money to buy a certain book that will show you HOW to open heaven’s windows to get money, then know you are listening to a false prophet. You don’t have to be a Christian to sell books on how to get rich.

The Gospel is about salvation. It is about healing and restoration. It is all about Jesus and how to follow him. So that when he returns which will be soon, one will be ready to meet him in the air.


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    • Posted by joshua Sanusi on July 28, 2011 at 16:17

      i like your explanation about faulse prohet,lots of this pastors called themselve prophets.prophet is like a sacred word that many people use loosely,a prophet is never wrong,because God is never wrong,i agree with you that once a prophet is wrong, he’s disqualified to be a prophet,he should demote himself to a pastor,or evangelist,or reverend,because,all this titles give you room to make mistakes,but not a prophet,a prohet should always tell us the mind of God,and he’s supposed to be always,i mean always,and i say it again, “ALWAYS” right……Amen …..Joshua Sanusi.


      • Yes a prophet cannot be wrong because God is never wrong. The scripture also says if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound who will prepare himself for battle?
        False prophecy is rampant as you know.
        They say God said such and such when in reality it was them who said such and such not God.
        Thanks for stopping by.

  3. […] Every Preacher Is A False Prophet? (bloggerfornow.wordpress.com) […]


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