NDE’S false Prophets and Counterfeit Jesus (Part 2)

Near-Death Experience I

Image by ismh_ via Flickr

Just because someone said they had an near death experience doesn’t mean it is true. They could be lying. They could be hallucinating. It could be drugs. Who knows? One thing is certain what these people say cannot be taken as fact.

Why? Because not a one of them agrees with the other who is having these same experiences. They all die and come back with different stories to tell. But the sure word of prophecy; the real reason which we can depend on is found in the Bible; and never in any place from Genesis1 to Revelation of Jesus Christ 22 are we referred to strange experiences to determine who God is or how he thinks.

The only way we can know who God is is through the Son Jesus the Christ. His life is recorded in the gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John. His coming is prophesied in the Old Testament. Anything out side of these 66 books  is not to be trusted.

One person dies and goes through a long tunnel. Another dies and sees a small dot of light which keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until it is brighter than the sun. They need sunglasses to look at the great being who smiles and says I love you unconditionally. It is not your time so go back and tell everyone not to be concerned for my love is all compassing. I am compassionate; and love and true deep understanding. I condemn no one and all are accepted here. He then gave me a big hug and smiled and said all is well. Just be yourself do what you want and someday you will come back to live forever in heaven. One said she imagined Jesus and he was just smiling and smoking a cigarette.

What hogwash! What blasphemy and what imagination. Many get rich on their books. I don’t doubt they did experience something if they were without blood pressure and no heartbeat. But to believe what they say as facts about who God is is not what the Bible tells us to do. We are to test all things.

All through the Bible God wants; commands, demands repentance.

But in these so called NDE’s Jesus is a nice guy who doesn’t have any standards or morals himself. Obviously by what this NDE Jesus says we can know of a surety that his father is not the God of the Old Testament. The very God who hates sin so much he ordered death to anyone; man woman child or beast who dared disobey him. The Yahweh who killed people if they did anything contrary to what he said must be done.

The fiery, uncompromising, sin-hating God of the Old Testament sending his only begotten Son; that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life  provided the only way out of being cast forever into hell forever. God will do it with no misgivings if he is disobeyed by anyone who rejects his only way of salvation which is his Son.

No matter what we may think that is how it is. But the devil has been using his tricks for thousands of years and he is  expert at it. If he actually had the audacity, which he did, to tell Jesus to fall down and worship him where does that leave us?

The Jesus of the NDE’S has no constitution he lives by. He is flexible and easily persuaded to agree to sin. He is agreeable to anything you say or do on earth. He is all-compassing love. “I never felt so loved and totally accepted by anyone.” they say. Or ” I looked into his eyes of pure love and saw only acceptance.” According to them he accepts anything absolutely anything one does UNCONDITIONALLY. Commit any sin you cannot help but commit and he will understand and accept you.


That is the main point of the so called urgent message brought back from wherever they went is his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

The Bible is not about a God of unconditional love. He commands men everywhere to repent or go to that place where their worm dies not and the fire is not quenched. The soul that sins it shall die is the law he warned us of. You sin you die.

Repentance is what the Old Testament prophets preached continually. John the Baptist preached repentance. Jesus’ first words when he began his ministry was REPENT.

These are truly the last days of “great signs and wonders to deceive if possible the very elect.”

Great signs and wonders.

Next…is death only a open door?


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