What is Death? It Is Not An Open Door.

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The last enemy [that] shall be destroyed [is] death. (1 Corinthians 15:26)

(God’s promise to us)

The Bible doesn’t paint pretty pictures of death. The Bible doesn’t say that death is anything but what it is: our lethal foe.

Death is our enemy. It is not an open door. It is not the rose that grows beside the wall. It is not a better place as some say to grief-stricken survivors. It is not a trip to heaven aka NDE.

Painful silence dark and dreadful is what one experiences who has lost loved one. Unspeakable pain and sorrow. Death speaks to no one. It comes and takes a loved one with no explanation. Though one searches the world over he will not find the dead loved one. Death leaves excruciating grief behind. No amount of words can bring back the loved one. No poem though how lovely can restore the joy the loved one’s presence brought. Nothing not even time can heal the broken life; the shattered and destroyed heart. Time only takes one farther and farther away from the date of the death. Death is never accepted it is borne by the ones left here who have no choice but to somehow learn to live without the loved one.

One is forced to go on alone. Part of one dies with the loved one in the sense that what was alive in the remaining living one’s heart is now gone. It seems it left with the loved one.

And as each year passes the day of the death passes again. It brings remembrance and sorrow. It is merciless in its action. Death hates as we can see for it takes what we love never to return it again.

Death is evil. It is without mercy. It leaves no note of apology behind after it steals the cherished treasured person. Silence is all that is left. The empty chair. The place that will never be filled again by that person is now just a place of torment to the one still here.

The mortician does all he can to make the horrible face of death look a little better. Impossible. It is horrible ugly death. Irreversible death. Cold and still and colorless. Eyes that will not open. A tongue that cannot speak. The body is cold not warm. The spirit is gone and all the love one felt from the loved one cannot be felt. Warmth is fled; the love that was felt in the heart for the loved one is gone. Though love is as strong as death as the Bible says;  that love will not bring back the loved one. It is that the loved one died still loving the ones left here. It is out of reach never to be felt again here.

Death is the cause of unspeakable pain and suffering. Some have even killed themselves at not being able to bear life without the loved one.

I know someone who said he was with his brother one morning. They were going to have breakfast together. The one brother excused himself to go use the restroom. He walked back into the room where his brother had been sitting and laughing. His brother sat with arms outstretched with his head almost as if thrown back. Eyes closed with a certain horrible look on his face. The brother knew immediately his brother was dead. He tried to revive him but to no avail. Death came when it wasn’t expected as it usually does. It came, and stole, murdered and left without a word or warning.

The coroner determined a massive heart attack occurred.

Cold and without life was the body left here. Colorless and still. No love could be seen, nor joy; and no peace. Only the ugly and evil death that now was in control. He knew that the brother he loved was not there anymore. Only an empty shell now remained. A shell that looked perfectly repulsive. Not the person who lived there was repulsive and horrid. No he was gone from there. But what death had done to the body when the soul was taken out of it was repulsive.

He looked at death and saw his enemy and the enemy of his brother. He knew he could not reverse it. He knew only of One who had. One who had died once himself (murdered) and had come back. Not with any stories of meeting a being of light. But with the message that death still must be destroyed and it will be at the end of time. Jesus said he was dead and now alive forevermore. But to live again one must be in the resurrected Christ. The brother clung to that hope that death will someday be destroyed and he will see again his laughing brother.

Where are you? Where did you go? Are you alright? Can you see me? Are you alright? are some of the natural questions that arise after death has taken a loved one. Where is my loved one? Is he alright? Oh God is he alright? Some may think death is the end. But the Bible says differently. Just because one thinks death is the end doesn’t make it so.

What death left here is proof of what it is. Not an end but a horror. An horror that is the cause of separarion and anguish and pain. Does one really thing death did that to the one it left behind to bless the one it took? No it did not come to bless or help. It came to kill to murder for that is what death is: our enemy the very demonic thing that seeks to kill us. That does kill us. Death kills it does not open doors for anyone.

Tears and anguish. Agony and pain and nothing can help. Only God can help and comfort. Another brother who learned his younger brother had been killed in a car wreck wept and cried. He said I just want to know that he is alright.

But those who report NDE’S claim it is all okay after death. But the fact is death is our enemy and in no way does it do anything to bless us. No blessing left here; and no blessing did it give the one it took.

It came to rob to kill and to destroy. Us and them.

It is natural to be concerned for the loved one. Where did they go? It is an excruciating experience that cannot be reversed.

The Bible never calls death an open door or a rose or anything but what it is: the last enemy that shall be destroyed.

NDE’S claim that death is just a way through a tunnel. Or a superman ride to see the world in different realms of existence. That whoever dies experiences seeing light and beams and the way to meet unconditional love.

Not so. Death is our enemy. Nothing can lessen its evil nor undo its destruction. Death is not an NDE. It is the human being’s ENEMY and the enemy of God. It is not God’s open door to heaven.

Jesus said he is the Door. Death is not an open door. Jesus doesn’t work hand in hand with death….he came to destroy it.

Only in Christ; the Christ of the Bible can we someday be raised from death to live forever with Jesus Christ.


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