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I want to say a little here about fasting. It is not easy to go without food.

See the pic? To fast is to not eat any of this or anything else that is called FOOD.

But want to tell here what I have learned to do a successful orderly fast.

Of course God honors all fasting. Whether you fast one meal a day. Or one meal a week he honors  it and blesses.

I used to have the hardest time staying with the fast and would soon break it. I asked God what is the problem. He did answer and made me understand that when one fasts one must be patient. It takes time for time to pass. Yes. One must be patient and realize that when you start the fast (at night) it will take hours to pass the next day; for you to have gone through the first day of your fast. Waiting is a great way to look at fasting. Wait for the days to pass while you go without food.

Also look at that the soul is being fed while the body is denied. Jesus for the joy that was set before him endured…Someone said that if one had two dogs and fed one and starved the other (of course we do not starve animals) one dog will be stronger and the other will be weaker and perhaps die.

Same with spirit and flesh. Whichever one gets fed the most is the stronger.

I do not believe in the so-called Daniel fast since it is basically nothing more than a diet. Fasting is to abstain from food. It is not eating three nutritious meals a day for 21 days and call it after the Prophet. Let them do what they want. I will not eat three nutritious meals and day and call it fasting. However I can do it and call it a great way to lose weight and feel better.

With true fasting which is NO food…be patient and wait for the day to pass as you fast without food.  Then wait for the second day to pass. Then the third. Patience is important. Drink water this helps fill the stomach where food is not that interesting at the moment.

I heard a preacher (I had never heard of him before, but ran into him there) at You tube the other night say  your destiny is greater than your dilemma. Jeff Arnold preached a great sermon (the video is at You tube) entitled I will not die in my dilemma. His sermon begins at video 2. I go listen to him preach that great uplifting sermon it always helps and lifts.

I am going there tonight to listen to it again. It is that healthful to the soul.

You will not die in your fasting either if you do it correctly drinking water and spending time in prayer.

Common sense has to be exercised when fasting.


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