Oneness and Trinity Fiasco

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I’ve been surfing the internet finding that many are leaving the UPCI. Some also leave the Trinity church. I left them both.

The UPC is the church that believes and teaches that one must be baptized in Jesus name and reject all teachings of church fathers. The Trinity church is the one that follows the teachings of  church fathers. And condemn the UPC.

They teach it is not necessary to actually SAY the name of Jesus when baptizing a convert as says Acts 2:38….. Yet they find it necessary to SAY in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost when they baptize a convert in water.

I read a little of what some had to say online in their complaints. I think it is fair to be fair. One former member of the UPCI said she was disfellowshipped because her pastor had a revelation that she had a sinful and rebellious heart.

I had a trinity pastor tell me worse. He walked up to me after church and said the Lord had showed him that I had said something negative about him. I looked at him with sincere concern for his mental health.  I knew that I had not done what he said.  I told him it was not true. But he insisted it was true because the Lord had shown him. It was awful. Awful for him.

I left never to return. I was beyond all doubt knowing that he was hearing voices or he had a vivid imagination. He died not long after that.

I had a UPC pastor tell me something that wounded my heart. I had a Trinity pastor totally hurt my feelings. God just had me in both churches. Now I know why. It was to make me know that both are wrong in their treatment of the other. I was there in both and neither are perfect as far as doctrine or in their treatment of others.

I have attended both churches through the years: Oneness and Trinity. I call myself a Christian. Not a trinity one or a oneness one. I am a follower of Jesus. They could keep their labels I don’t want them.

I had no problem attending both churches. However  I did not believe in not cutting the hair like the UPC teaches.. I did not think it wrong for women to wear pants. I did not think it a sin for women to wear lipstick (as long as it wasn’t black) I saw it as legalism and rejected it as not of God.

I also rejected many things the Trinity church taught such as condemning the Oneness church while they slandered others. And their total lack of standards for dress and conduct.

One member of a trinity church I attended “had a dream”. After this Trinity church listened to his so called dream from God a entire family was destroyed as well as an innocent man.

It is wrong to hate others and judge them no matter how you are baptized in water.  I saw both churches in action. Both have their share of liars and gossipers and hypocrites. No long dress only  a long tongue. No long sleeves only a long history of gossiping. No long hair had the Trinity sister but her tongue reached to the ground.

I do not attend any church now just because it is easier not to. I like it better not to go to any church.

Here is what I saw in the Oneness and the Trinity churches. Slander and gossip and hypocrisy.  Adulterous ministers and gossiping wives of the ministers. I never blamed God.

I knew God had not a thing to do with it.

The UPC is a great church. I have been greatly blessed there. Great songs of the church have come from them. Dottie Rambo was saved in the UPC. Lanny Wolfe also was from there and he wrote great songs all Christians sing.

Funny how some Trinitarians sing the songs the Oneness wrote but think they are better than the UPCI members.

I attended Trinity churches for years. Assembly of God and the independent Pentecostal churches.  Some wonderful people there. Then I would go over and go to a service at a UPC.

I love the Oneness ministers as well as the Trinity preachers. I have sat under both and was blessed by them all. I still will listen to a sermon by either a Trinity preacher or a Oneness. It makes no difference to me as long as I receive from God what he has for me.

I take the wheat and throw the chaff away.

I think the UPC would do better if they would stop their legalism. I saw a sister of the UPC who looked 20 years older than her years. Why? Something is not right there.  I used to pray and still do for God to show the UPC where they are wrong in some things. Some things not all. I pray for the self-righteous Trinity people also.

God help the Trinity believing folks also with their judgmental attitude and their unloving hearts which I have seen so much of.

History records of the murder of a Oneness Christian by a Trinity Christian. John Calvin murdered Michael Servetus. Because Servetus did not agree with Calvin he had him killed without mercy. Yet there are those who are proud to call themselves Calvinists.

It is wrong.

We are to love even as Jesus loved and if we don’t there is no heaven waiting for us.

I would have no problem naming a dog Trinity or  naming it Oneness.

Neither  labels are Biblical so they demand no respect from me.


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