Oneness and Trinity


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So the Trinitarians teach that when one is immersed in water it is not necessary to SAY the name of Jesus. Because the name of Jesus simply means in the authority of his name.

SAYING his precious wonderful name is not necessary.

Why it is necessary to SAY out loud ” in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost” when Trinitarians water baptize a convert, but NOT necessary to say out loud: the Name that is above every name; the name of Jesus Christ in water baptism when oneness baptize a convert has never been explained by Trinitarians.

I’ll explain it: it is hypocrisy and a double standard.

I see nothing wrong in anyone saying over me that NAME JESUS that is above every name. They may lay hands on me in that NAME and they may immerse me in that precious name. I don’t mind at all. It is that name that saves. It is Jesus who bled and died for me and no one else. I have nothing against that name. Say it over me all you want. 

After Revelation of Jesus Christ 22:21 I have great doubt they knew that they were doing.

One trinity preacher asked me why was I baptized in Jesus name. I answered him, “Because I know how to read.” He laughed and said he had never heard that answer before.

I look back and think there was no Internet for me when I was attending both trinity churches and oneness churches, so attending both has qualified me to speak for both.

When I was water baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of my sins I did not even know there was a trinity doctrine. We just took Peter literally when he said to do this in Acts 2:38 when they asked him what shall we do. We only had the Bible and went by that. 

Augustine was no one we knew or heard of. I knew nothing of church fathers. The Bible was all we had to go by. So when Jesus told Peter that he gave him the keys to the kingdom we understood it to mean that Peter had the keys to the kingdom of God.

So when Peter commanded them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ who were we to go against the great apostle? We simply took the Bible literally. Peter was with Jesus. Peter was with him for forty days after the Lord resurrected. So surely he knew more than we. He understood. He was even told by Jesus that flesh and blood did not reveal to Peter who Jesus was, but the Father in heaven.

So we were sure that Peter knew what he was talking about.

I read a Universalism member say that the water baptism in Jesus name was only for the Jews.But Cornelius was of the Italian band and Peter baptized him also in the name of the Lord. Which name we know to be Jesus.

One friend of mine said she was baptized in the name of the Trinity doctrine. But she was not satisfied. Hmm..what could it be? So she got baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. She got happy and said that  is what I was looking for.

“Now” she smiled and said, “I am satisfied!”

In both churches there was sin all over the place. And also some wonderful people.

I hate the Trinitarians condemning the Oneness and the Oneness condemning the Trinitarians.

Without love we are not saved no matter how we are water baptized.


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