Peter the Apostle Mostly Ignored by Trinitarians

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As I said in an earlier blog I have attended through the years both trinity and oneness churches. I love both the Oneness people and the Trinitarians. I have been around both for years and years and they are people who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have noticed that in their churches (anyway the ones I attended for 20 years) Trinitarians never mention the apostle Peter. I have never heard his name mentioned except a couple of times in passing.

But Peter, if one reads Acts 2 said some things to those Jews that day that is very interesting. The entire sermon is educational reading about who Jesus is. I truly believe Peter knew who Jesus was. Augustine, Justin Martyr and Tertullian, Clement, etc. were in no way qualified to decide anything.

If they had power to decide then so do the popes of Rome. But wherever you find Catholicism you find poverty and crime and ignorance. The Bible is closed and not open for additions and subtractions. What is true is true and I cannot say what is true if it is not true. The RCC is way off track from the time they elected their first pope and some time before that.Their history is of blood and murder and not what Jesus taught.

Common sense tells us it is not right to be carried around on a pillow “forgiving” sins. Sorry but the pope cannot forgive anyone’s sins. He needs forgiveness himself. Their priests need to learn about the Levitical priesthood and of Aaron’s line. If they knew about Melchizedek I guarantee they would not be priests.

But many believe traditions instead of what the Bible really says. Ask Jesus what he thought of man-made traditions. He was quite clear about it. Ask the Pharisees.

The Jews the Jews what says the Jews? What God had the Jews known? Yahweh. Not only did they know him they knew he was not open for suggestions to change him. He killed people in the Old Testament. They knew who he was. They never said he was a first person. It simply isn’t in the scriptures. If they did I would have to believe it.

But Peter in his message explained to them who Jesus is. The man with the keys. He even said that Jesus had shed forth the Holy Ghost on those in the upper room. What? How could it be that it was Jesus who shed forth the Holy Ghost? I don’t know I just know that is what Peter said. He should know he was with Jesus and had the keys to the kingdom.

Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear. (Acts 2:33)

I don’t care what Trinitarians or Oneness say. I am so tired of their conflict which they will answer to God for.

I do care what Peter said here in this passage. He said that it was Jesus who shed forth the Holy Ghost. Peter did not attend Wheaton or Dallas Theological seminary. He had no degrees behind his name. But he is the disciple to whom Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom. The pope of Rome may claim to be Peter’s successor. But anyone with common sense knows that Peter who was later crucified upside down would not be a part of anything the church of Rome believes and practices.

No Peter would never have allowed himself to be adorned with jewels with people kissing his ring ( I know of no passage where Peter wore jewelry or tiaras) while riding around in a pope mobile. Nor would Peter have been a part of anything the church of Rome does.

It was Rome who killed Peter. Ask John on Patmos and he will tell you there in his book that Jesus sent no letter to Rome. The seven letters were sent to the seven churches in Asia.

Peter said that God had made Jesus BOTH Lord and Christ. Not three persons but Lord and Christ. Well we all know who the Lord to the Jews was. He was the God of the Old Testament. We all know who the Christ is: the Anointed One. Here Peter said Jesus was both Lord and Christ. 

Peter also said in his sermon that God promised to raise up Christ to sit on David’s throne. It isn’t rocket science to know how God did that. Jesus being a descendant of king David made him heir apparent to the throne of David. He is not coming back to sit on David’s throne. He occupies it now and forever. And as Gabriel told Mary of her son Jesus.. “And of his kingdom there shall be bo end.”

Herod might have thought he was sitting on it. But Peter knew better. So did Mary and Joseph.

As long as people ignore Peter and his great sermon in Acts 2 they will believe there is a trinity.  How God could be three persons when the Bible says he is one Lord is anyone’s guess. There is nowhere in the New Testament where this is taught.

Never mind labels and calling people names. What says the scripture?

Fact: The word person means  mask. It comes from the old Greek word persona. When the ancient Greeks did their plays they would wear a different mask for each character they played if there were not enough actors available. I did a word search.

They changed masks to be whatever person they pretended to be. So is it that wicked men of the past did this to Jesus. Ignoring without conscience what the great apostle Peter said they decided that Jesus is One of three different personas all called Yahweh. The second one no less. I don’t care what the church fathers said. I will never move away from what the apostles said.

Tradition has been a problem for many people. Ask the Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked time and again for taking the word of God and making it of no effect by their manmade traditions. The trinity doctrine is a tradition and there is serious questions that Matthew 28:19 was added to the Bible.

 John 5:7-8 was added because it is not found in the original manuscripts.

If there was a Matthew 28:19 the apostles never mentioned it and preached nothing about it. There is not even a hint that they acknowledged it as if it was there.

If it was added I am sure whoever did this dastardly deed has the plagues written in the Bible added to them. No doubt.

After the church got to Rome and the apostles died all hell broke loose. Anyone who studies history will learn of all their isms and schisms and baptisms and confusions. Crusades and murder and blood  and egotistical self-serving popes is the history of the trinity church after the apostles died. Sorry but the truth is the truth.

I have studied what church fathers taught? Yes and I have studied the Bible and what the apostles said. Big difference. I had to decide who to believe: Peter and the other disciples OR church fathers. Going to both trinity and oneness churches I had to decide: It was the apostles or the church fathers. There really was no contest. The church fathers lost.

Stephen when he was being stoned to death by the Jews with Paul there holding their coats said that he could see the glory of God and Jesus standing on his right hand. Stephen didn’t say he saw two persons. I would have to admit it if Stephen had said “I see the glory of God and Jesus the second person of the trinity standing at the right hand of the first person.

From Stephen’s vision we can know he saw only Jesus. I will believe Stephen. No first person no second person no fourth person. Nowhere in all the epistles will you find the word first or second when referring to Jesus Christ.

In fact in Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter one verse 8 The Lord Jesus told John there on Patmos. I will go with John here also. Tertullian loses. So do all the popes of Rome.

 8I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

It does not record that John asks or wonders why was Jesus calling himself the Alpha and Omega. Whey did he refer to himself as he which is, and which was, and which is to come and not the second person. What? The second person of the not yet invented trinity three persons in a mysterious godhead is calling himself the ALMIGHTY?

How anyone can find in this passage that Jesus is a second person is anyone’s guess. But they without conscience without thought cast away what John said and call Jesus a second person (mask).

One Trinitarian said that Isaiah in chapter 9 when he said that the name of the Lord will be called the everlasting Father meant father of lights. I was shocked and horrified that anyone could add to what the Hebrew prophet said. He said everlasting Father so leave it there.

  1. They ask how could Jesus be his own Father? Well how could Jesus be the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the bright and morning star, the door, the way the truth the life, the good shepherd, the lamb for sinners slain the one who was dead and now is alive forevermore, the first and the last the Almighty?

Paul on his way to Damascus was blinded by light. He asked a great question. He only knew the God of the Old Testament. WHO ARE YOU LORD? He knew it was the Lord who stopped him. Here he was doing all he could to please God by killing Christians and he is apprehended by God. What is going on here he wondered.

I am Jesus was the answer. Not I am the second person in the godhead.

I have to go with Paul’s report. Sorry Clement and Tertullian and Augustine and Justin.

If I ask the Lord who he is he will tell me what he told Saul of Tarsus:

I am Jesus.


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