Preachers Under Judgement

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For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

Is it right for rich preachers to make their own Bibles? Placing their name on it with their understanding of what each verse means under each verse?

Then putting it up for sale? Or when it doesn’t sell so well it goes on sale?

Common sense tells us it is wrong to do this? Do they really think God can not do without them? Do they really think God needs them to interpret each verse for the so-called layperson?

Anyone who knows how to read can read for themselves what says the holy Scriptures. And it is the Holy Spirit that teaches not sinful man.

How I understand may not be how you understand. But who can disagree with another on the Ten Commandments? We all know what it means when it commands us not to murder, lie, commit adultery, steal and so on.

And everything else we can do, or not do is somehow connected to those commandments.

When I first learned of Jimmy Swaggart taking the Bible verse by verse then underneath each verse writing his understanding of it I was saddened.


Who do these people think they are? That they can take the written word of God wrest it to mean what they think; and say God did it? Then put it up for sale.

All these preachers doing this means they are under judgment.

No sane person would do this.

Judgment is falling on rich preachers.

Years ago I heard a preacher ( I do not know his name) teach that it is dangerous to live as do some when we look at what the early church went through.

When this radio preacher told of Ananias and Sapphira being struck dead he made it clear that Acts 7: 51-60 records that Stephen was stoned to death.  James was about to be killed with the sword. Peter would be crucified upside down in Rome where Paul would have his head chopped off. Let us not forget John the Baptist who lost his life because he dared to name sin in Herod’s life. Most of all Jesus the Lord of glory was executed as a criminal.

Peter did not say to them..” Ananias and Sapphira it is okay for you to love self, lie and use money that is being collected to help those in need to buy yourself designer robes or 100 new horses because after all it is no big deal that brother Stephen is about to be stoned to death. James will soon be killed with the sword, but hey it is okay for you to be greedy, and lie to the church and take advantage. Paul will be beheaded in Rome, and who knows how many here will be thrown to Roman lions to be torn to pieces. I will be crucified upside down. Our Lord himself died on a cross but be greedy all you want. God understands your need to be rich and have stuff. Thomas will be skinned alive in India and John will be boiled in oil before he is banished to die on Patmos but  God understands that you are special and deserve more than the lost and dying.”

The truth is Peter revealed their lie and greed. Before the whole church he exposed their hypocrisy and God struck them dead. And the church moved on in victory.

Money loving greedy lying hypocrites Ananias and Sapphira were denied by God to be joined to these true soldiers of the cross called the Church. And God has not changed.

Do these rich greedy preachers think that their greed and covetousness will go unnoticed by honest preachers who will expose them and that they will escape being struck dead by God?

History tells that Thomas was tortured and killed in India. Many of the early Christians were thrown to lions to be killed and eaten. The story goes on how they suffered for their faith. Throughout history millions have died for their faith in the Christ.

Even today it is happening.

But here are preachers taking in hundreds of millions of dollars from donors. The sermons they sell from what they say onstage recorded and made into a book brings in more money. They live in riches as does the popes of Rome and the queen of England and Oprah.

They drive Mercedes-Benz and even Rolls Royce’s. They wear expensive jewelry and tailor-made designer clothes. Yet some who follow these false prophets have accused Christians of exposing them because they are jealous of them.

Correction: No Christian is envious of what Satan does.

Christians are concerned because this false gospel of prosperity deceives.

It is not God doing this in these preachers but Satan and their own flesh; added to their love for the world, and the things that are in the world.

No sane person is jealous of that.

These rich unscrupulous preachers do this knowing that those who wrote the Bible by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit suffered and died martyr’s deaths. Yet they think they can make a Bible with their name on it then tell us what each verse means? Words written in the blood of those who wrote those words.


How can this not be arrogance? There is no doubt these preachers are under judgment. That is why they behave as they do; they do not know the difference between right and wrong.

Does Joyce Meyer think it is holy (she is supposed to be living holy) when she stands and says God made me rich, while  walking across a stage dressed in designer clothes bought with offering money; reading the carefully preserved letters of  men: Paul the apostle: who had his head chopped off for the gospel and Peter who was crucified upside down?

Does she really think Jesus and his disciples died as they did so she could own stuff she doesn’t even need?

Jimmy Swaggart trying to tell us what these great men of God meant when they penned their holy letters right before they were killed for their faith while he sits in his jacuzzi?

I remember that radio preacher called  it playing the most dangerous game in town.

To stand behind the sacred desk dressed like Herod while bowing to Caesar; holding the world’s most precious possession preaching words from its pages that were sealed in the blood of the men who wrote them down; is indeed to play the most dangerous game in town.


Jesus said they will not lose their reward if they even give a cup of cold water to someone in the name of a disciple. But they are not doing it in the name of a disciple but in their own name.

Judgment came to Ananias and Sapphira when they lied to the Holy Ghost. They both fell dead at Peter’s feet.

Does anyone really think he is better than Ananias and Sapphira if he is also robbing and controlled by greed?

They could have kept their own money, but they lied to the Holy Ghost and forfeited their lives.

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