Does God Have A Plan For Your Life?

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I’m not making fun of smiling well dressed preachers. But is it right for one to stand there and promise riches fame and fortune to his donors when he himself has no clue what suffering is? While millions die lost why the smile?

Is Jesus laughing? How could God laugh when most of his creatures die not knowing him?

The preacher dressed in fine clothes, drives to his church, in his expensive car, after leaving his gorgeously well-furnished home, where his well-fed kids live; to tell thousands of total strangers that there is nothing to be concerned about: God will fix it all.

No God will not fix it all. Would he not have done it by now? This is quite obvious that something is wrong. Horribly wrong in the world. We do not live in a fairy tale world with silver and gold and velvet there for the taking. Billions lost without Christ and counting…and there has to be a reason why.

There is no such thing as just because. Why? Because things happen for a reason. The truth is evolution happens and God calls it sin. Evolution is the reason. Some evolve better than others just because natural selection decides who is rich and who is poor and who is educated and who is uneducated.  It began in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve told God we want to naturally evolve not do your will. Let us go wherever nature takes us.

So off they went and the rest is history of blood murder suffering and pain and sorrow and so on…

Evolution decided because it is simply a natural thing. Darwin was right in his observations that natural selection happens. Sin happens it is a natural thing to be selfish and arrogant and proud. It is natural to want revenge on those who tried to stop your evolving. It is a natural thing to be smarter than the next guy and remind him of it each moment.  Or dumber than some and ashamed. It is a natural thing to hate and lie and steal and curse your brother who is also made in the image of God.

Evolution happens BUT  God calls it sin. And Christ came to destroy it.

People dying in many parts of the world: evolving according to the ability natural selection allows for. Inventing gods: someone, anyone, anything, that might listen, that might hear their cries for help… while those who know the true God shop eat, drink, laugh, and party.

Starvation and wars destroying their lands. People in hospitals dying of cancer and other diseases. Children sold into slavery used for sex.  Abductions and rapes and murders taking place.  Hurricanes and tornadoes and tsunamis destroying lives and property. Pestilences and famines and wars and rumors of wars. False prophets and false Christs. Hatred and divisions and poverty ignorance and crime. Confusion and pain. Tears sorrow and heartache in many parts of the world. Divorces and broken homes caused by fornication, adultery, and homosexuality. Thousands missing. Pictures on milk cartons and on walls with a question: Have you seen me?

But a smiling preacher with a big smile says:

I like to start with a joke.  People need to hear a funny joke. Why? Because the Bible says that laughter does good like a medicine. Are you having trouble in your life? Well..God is going to bless you. That’s right he is going to take you places you never dreamed of.

That promotion you’ve been wanting? Well God is going to give it to you. And even if he doesn’t don’t be discouraged it only means he has something better for you.

Are you wondering what stocks and bonds to buy? Well.. no need to be concerned. God is going to show you which ones to invest in. Do you have a decision you need to make? Don’t worry because God is going to help you make the right decision. Everything is going to be alright. God is going to help you. Why? Because he has a wonderful plan for your life.

(I had a preacher friend now deceased, who said he saw where a preacher had notes for his sermon in his Bible. On one note it instructed him..Cry here.)

Did God have a wonderful plan for the apostle Paul’s life? He was beheaded in Rome; the very city he took the gospel to. What about all the early Christians who were killed for the faith? Was that really God’s plan for their life?

Did God have a plan for the apostle Peter’s life? He was crucified upside down. Did God have a plan for Stephen’s life? He was stoned to death for the truth.

How is it that God has a wonderful plan for some lives but not for other lives? God is no respecter of persons.  What he did for the Jews he did for the Gentiles.

He loved the Greeks and the Romans, the Parthians the Medes the Elamites and all the others . So obviously the problem must be at our end not his.

Why would God have a wonderful plan for one life and not for another? Is it the wonderful plan of God fulfilled to be killed for one’s faith? Is it the wonderful plan of God for children to be sold into sex slavery?

The truth is God has the same plan for all of us. Repent and believe the gospel and you will be saved.



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