False Prophet aka Prosperity Preacher Interview

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Interviewer: Prosperity Preacher may I ask you a few questions?

Prosperity Preacher aka Dazzling Dan: Of course that is why I’m here to answer tough questions. (He glances at his watch while straightening his thousand dollar tie.)

Interviewer: How much money do you take in from offerings yearly?

Prosperity Preacher: We take in…hmm… probably collect $250 million yearly from the dear little widows. And orphans and the hurting desperate sinners who need the love of God.

But I remind them that God will bless them for sending to me their last dime.  If they have to sacrifice it is to their benefit. I need to get the gospel out and need their help. So they and I are partners in evangelism. I take in money from probably all but the rich. I don’t think billionaires send me money. They usually give to charities.

Interviewer:  But aren’t you a charity? Anyway…How do you think billionaires got rich without giving to you? How much do you take in from those on Social Security? Or rather how much do you take in from the Government via the beneficiaries?

Prosperity Preacher: Not sure. About the billionaires well it rains on the just and the unjust…But as for the dear widows bless their hearts…Whatever they send it is to their benefit. God will bless them. I need to get the gospel out.

Interviewer: Why do people Need to send money to you?

Prosperity Preacher: They need to give! To give to me is to give to the work of God. I will take the gospel to the world. God chose me. I need to get the gospel out and need their help.

Interviewer: Do you give money? You take in over $200 million yearly from hard-working folks.. You collect from widows and orphans. What is the cost of the house you live in?

Prosperity Preacher: Five million dollars. I need all the extras so I could relax after I work hard preaching a sermon. I ask for money so the gospel could be preached. When they send me money they are blessed. If they do not send money then God cannot bless them. They must send money because he who gives shall receive. I deserve what salary I allow myself because I need to get the gospel out.

Interviewer: Following that; I ask again…do you give and if so, who do you give to? Why do you drive a Rolls Royce? Why not a common everyday sedan? Why not live like your donors?

Prosperity Preacher: I donate to other prosperity preachers and then they in  turn donate back to me. I drive the best car because I need to get the gospel out. I need to make sure the car doesn’t break down on me in case I need to go pray for a dying person who has only minutes to live. I need a jet to fly me to whatever vacation island I am…er whatever church I am going to.

Interviewer: So your belief is that if one wants to receive they must give to God, which would be your ministry? Giving to you is the same as giving to God?

Prosperity Preacher: Yes it is a law one must give in order to receive. Of course my salary is decided by others. Of course the “others” happen to be my own flesh and blood family who also receive outrageous salaries….what can I say?

Interviewer: Why do you think  rich sinners do not have to give to your ministry to have money? Why does born-again Mr Smith have to give from his pension to be blessed but atheist movie stars who are paid $10 million dollars a movie, do not need to give to you to be blessed? Would you explain that?


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  1. Posted by Peter J Shepherd on June 24, 2011 at 00:35

    Let’s just go to the Bible, which says that those that teach the Word are worth of double honor, referring, among other things, to money.

    The Bible clearly teaches, “give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, shall men heap unto your bosom.” As we give, according to II Cor 9, we will be enriched (KJV) or made rich (NIV) in EVERY way, so that we can be generous in every circumstance, which will result in thanks going to God.

    However, we are also told in Proverbs that he who gives to the rich falls into a trap or comes under a curse. He who gives to the poor shall be blessed.

    So, getting back to what is written above: God wants us to give, so that we can prosper and be made rich so that we can be generous in every circumstance.

    However, He does not want us to give to the rich, those that live in the million dollar plus homes, drive the luxury cars, etc..


    • Thanks for your comment and you are so right on.

      Anyone who collects hundreds of millions of dollars from people who look to God for salvation, and healing, for hope and deliverance and use that money to satisfy the lust of their eye, and the lust of their flesh, and to enjoy the pride of life, is under the judgment of God. God has turned them over to a reprobate mind. There is NO doubt.
      They erroneously think that God either doesn’t see them, or that he favors them over the donor.
      They are the fulfillment of the false prophets Jesus said would arise.
      We are to give and when he said give he meant give love, give hope, give of your time, give of yourself…all those things that cannot be bought with money.
      To prosper simply means to have more than enough. Not to drip with diamonds wrapped in velvet and carried to the sky on flowery beds of ease as these false teachers live.
      They remind me of Herod more than of Jesus.


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