Questioning God’s Existence (2)

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Bible experts say there are errors in the gospels. That there are mistakes in the entire Bible which proves that maybe the Bible is not true.

Here is the thing: Does any Christian really think that God would depend on scribes  (Scribes who in conspiracy with the Pharisees and the chief priests, with the Romans: are the ones who killed Jesus)  when they were copying and copying and copying and copying? Does any thinking person believe that God would rely on Tertullian,  Clement, Justin Martyr, Origen, Luther, etc to tell the world what he said?

He did not depend on them. They were supposed to be depending on him. I am sure that many of them did trust and love God. But being human they began to write down their own opinions about what the apostles said.

Much like Jimmy Swaggart who wrote his own Bible with his thoughts underneath the words of the apostles themselves.

Has Jimmy Swaggart ever read in the Bible that the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb will be on the twelve gates to the holy city? Not his name but theirs. Does Jimmy Swaggart not know that the church is built on the foundation of the PROPHETS AND APOSTLES JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF BEING THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE?

This should tell people something. The gates to the holy city will not have Tertullian’s name on it. Nor Clement’s of Rome nor Origen’s.  Justin Martyr’s is not part of the foundation of the church; nor the murderer John Calvin. But the twelve apostles that Jesus personally selected to take his WORD to the world: their names will be there..They will sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

There are 5,700 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament and all have mistakes in them.

Why am I not surprised? Could it be it is because the scribes are human?

Paul the apostle warned in Acts 20 that after his departing would grievous wolves enter the flock, men from among their own selves who would teach damnable heresies. After the apostles died the devil had a heyday.

But Peter knew who Jesus was. He was with him. Jesus chose him and gave him the keys to the kingdom. James was the brother of the Lord. Paul met Jesus on the Damascus Road. All the apostles knew Jesus.

But after they died………the wolves entered as Paul warned. Peter had warned also and so did Jude. They knew what would happen and it did. I am sure they prayed for the church. But the apostles had the assurance of what Jesus had said: the very gates of hell would not prevail against his church.

Let the scribes and commentators make all the mistakes they do. Still the gates of hell will not prevail against the church of Jesus Christ.

One Bible scholar appearing on You tube is concerned that Christian’s faith might fail because of books out there proving that the ancient manuscripts of the Bible are riddled with errors.

What rubbish….Have they no faith in God that he is able to keep his followers from falling?

If God had wanted them to write down exactly what he said for thousands of years without one mistake he would have provided the way to do it. Such as computers and copying machines. The world barely got a printer in the 16th century I think.

God knew that the scribes would make mistakes. I don’t recall ever reading where Jesus told any of his disciples to write down anything he said. Here he sat on a mountain the Bible said. He spoke to thousands. So how did they hear him? He sat in a boat and taught them, so how did those sitting far from him hear what he said? He came back from the dead that is how powerful he is. He is able to take care of his church. If God wants someone to know something he will personally see to it they know it.

Somehow God got what he said OUT there. This was his will and what God wants God will do.

Jesus said GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE and did they do it? The apostles did not fail. If one reads the Acts they will find out what they did. They traveled and preached and baptized and taught and wrote and prayed. They all died in Christ having kept the faith.

If one reads their letters they will see how they thought and felt. Peter and Paul and all the others who actually saw Jesus knew who Jesus is. They did not make one mistake in doing what he said. He entrusted his word to unlearned men. They did what he said because he was with them as he promised. He called them, he equipped them, and he kept them. This is why they did not fail. Those not called; they will fail no doubt about it.

Yesterday I was reading 2 Peter and I thought How exciting how wonderful this letter I am now reading was written by a man who walked and talked with Jesus for three years. He heard his voice and looked into his eyes. He lived when Jesus did and was his lead disciple. He saw him do miracles. He saw him die and he saw him alive after he was risen from the dead. I am actually holding his letter in my hand two thousand years later. Why? Because God watches over his word to perform it. Whether it is written on papyri, stone, or leather or paper. Or written in us the living epistles read of all men.

Peter himself raised Dorcas from the dead. He healed Eaneas. He walked on the water with Jesus. He healed the lame man at the Beautiful gate of the temple. People would put the sick in the streets if perhaps Peter’s shadow would pass over them so they would be healed. Peter preached the first sermon after the Resurrection. Why? Because he had the KEYS to the kingdom. Jesus himself gave them to him.

The apostles had such reverence for the word of God that it is recorded in Acts two: That after the Holy Ghost was poured out they were asked by those what does this mean? It says Peter standing up with the eleven. They all stood up..and Peter began to tell them the greatest news ever to fall on human ears. He told them who Jesus was, what he did, and why he came. He also told them what they must do to be saved.

When God called Saul of Tarsus he gave to him by revelation the meaning of the crucifixion. Paul explains the crucifixion and resurrection to us in his letters. He tells who Jesus is. He talked with Peter and the other apostles. They all knew each other. I am sure that Peter and John and the other apostles  told Paul many things he did not know.

The problem with getting the gospel to us it is reported that no one in the ancient world knew how to read except for one or two. It is said that the apostle Peter could not have written his two epistles because he was illiterate.

Of course we know he could have dictated them. Or he could have learned to read later. Paul himself could have written down what Peter said for all we know.

One of the most arrogant statements I have ever heard is that a  theologian who teaches in a great university who has great credentials and many degrees behind his name said that the evangelist Mark made a mistake because of the wrong Old Testament person named in his gospel.

No Mark did not make a mistake. The scribes who copied and copied what he said made the mistake not Mark.

It is known that Jesus is the Illustrated Edition of the word of God. Christians are living epistles read of all men.

God is big enough to preserve his word and keep all those who have put their trust in him.


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