Questioning the Existence of God

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A Christian was told by an atheist that no God opened the Red Sea for the Israelites like she had been told. Why? Because there is no God he declared.

To prove it, he went on; I know from intense and extensive research on this that during the ancient time of the Egyptian dynasties it is a scientific fact that the Sea of Reeds was only four inches deep. Totally impossible for your imaginary God to cause a wind to blow all night that parted the so-called deep waters. So you see there is no God and you have been duped he laughed.

The Christian was unmoved. She answered, It is more of a miracle then. That God could drown Pharaoh and his entire army in just four inches of water is incredible! And she began to praise the Lord.

Or the atheist who was talking to his Christian neighbor one day and said to her; There is no God and you know it! Well I know there is she said back to him. They continued this for a while then went back into their respective homes. The atheist thought to himself I will  prove to that Bible thumping,  non-thinking fundie there is no God.

So he hopped in his car and dashed off to the supermarket. He began filling up a cart with tons of vegetables and fruits, breads, cereals,  and a big gallon of milk. Then he tossed in a few steaks and a couple of chickens. He decided to throw in desserts  and soft drinks. Oh yes he thought.. better buy some coffee and tea. After he paid for it all he went home.

Late that night he placed all the goodies he had bought in a large box. Carrying them, he silently sneaked over to the Christian’s porch where he left them next to her front door.

Early next morning, he hurried outside and hid behind some bushes. He knew she would come out for her morning paper. At last she opened the door and immediately saw the box of goodies. She shouted praise the Lord!  Thank you Jesus!

Upon hearing that the atheist popped up out of the bushes laughing. He said God didn’t give you those groceries. I bought them myself! See I told you there is no God. You thought God brought them! but I did!

The Christian shouted even louder saying Praise the Lord! Not only did the Lord answer my prayer for groceries, but he made the devil pay for them! And deliver them to my door! Hallelujah!

All these so-called proofs that the Lord does not exist will never move the true follower of Jesus.

They claim the Bible cannot be trusted that the texts were changed. Scribes changed this word and that word. They added their own thoughts and opinions. How do you know the Bible is true? It is not inerrant. In fact it is full of errors.

They claim that maybe…Peter did not write Peter.  Or perhaps Paul founded his own church. Or Mark was wrong.  And hmm…Matthew does not exist and on it goes. They say that history proves the Bible to be just another book.

Actually the Bible proves itself true daily.

To be continued…


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