The Debaters (3)

University College

Image by stevecadman via Flickr

Ladies and gentlemen you all have been wonderful in your patience with the fascinating debate between the outrageously educated Dr Fuller O. Hotiarre and Brother Happy. Tonight we will begin again with Dr Hotairre as he explains to this audience and Brother Happy that the so called miracles of the Bible are simply myths perpetrated on a frantic race desperate for something anything to believe in…Dr Hotairre the floor is yours.

Dr Hotiarre: Firstly may I correct something? It has come to my ears that some pronounce my  name Full of Hotair. It is pronounced Fuller O. Ho-tee-aye.

Now moving right along. Let me explain to my incoherent, Bible thumping, brain-dead, socially dysfunctional  opponent Brother Happy his focus in life is distorted. Obviously he has no education. All he has done for the last two evenings here is praise the Lord. Ladies and gentlemen I want evidence! I must see to believe. I must hear, and I must feel, and touch to know what is real or false.I must have scientific evidence for his claims. But shouting Praise the Lord for saving a sinner like him is not evidence of anything but severe dysfunction of his grey matter.

Brother Happy has staked his entire life on the words of some long ago ancient backwoods preacher that we do not even know existed. What? Four gospels? And all four of them contradict the other. It is quite absurd that any sane inhabitant of this planet could believe such claptrap.  That this man fed thousands with a few loaves of bread. He supposedly turned water into wine at a wedding. Yet the church condemns the drinking of wine.  He claims this man raised a twelve-year-old girl from the dead. And healed the sick, and the lame, the halt, and opened blind eyes. Please excuse me but think about how outrageous these claims are when looked at in the light of science!  Believe me my good people no one comes back from the dead! It is impossible. Why do you think we live in a world filled with graveyards? Yet Brother Happy totally believes all this! It is shocking and absurd. What does this tell you about Brother Happy?

Also it appears that Brother Happy is incapable of presenting one stick of evidence to support his claims. Claims of not only that God exists. But that miracles happened. Who in his right mind believes that this man walked on water? Hello?  Excuse me but this claim is  so absurd I have to keep myself from laughing. I mean think about it! Walk on water? Why would he be murdered if he was creating food out of nothing? Would they not be killing their walking supermarket? Why would they kill a man who raises the dead? Come come now would you kill someone who could raise you from the dead if he took a notion? Brother Happy’s claims can be disproved using simple common sense. Thank you.

Host: Brother Happy you may now speak.

Brother Happy: Praise the Lord for dying for my sins. Praise him for considering my condition and making the way for me to be saved sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost!

Host: We have a few questions from the audience.

Dr Hotiarre this one is for you Do you think you will live again after you die? If not why and if so why? How can you be sure of your answers? Do you have any evidence?

Dr Hotiarre: I certainly hope not I see no reason to do this again. I cannot say that I will never live again. I might and who knows these things? I cannot say since I have never died before. As for being sure of my answers I am not sure this is just what I think. As for evidence I have never seen anyone come back from the dead so why would I? If there is life after death I have no evidence of it. These so-called NDE’ may contain data that will prove scientific but who knows? Without scientific evidence we have nothing.

Brother Happy this question is for you How do you know God is real?

Brother Happy: Praise the Lord thank you Jesus! I just know it!


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