Dr Hotiarre

The Descent Of Man

Image by Kaptain Kobold via Flickr

My fellow scientists and evolving humans; tonight I will speak on why it is necessary to continue our research into the descent of man from beasts. I might add that I recently debated an ignorant uneducated Christian: a Brother Happy. It happened in a small town in rural America. It seems he doesn’t believe that man is improving. But rather that man began his descent into a beast when he so-called sinned against his Creator.

Of course he means mental beast. Or did he mention physical beast as well because of sin? At any rate...Brother Happy thinks that sin causes evolution to occur. In my case he would say that instead of getting better I am, in fact,  getting worse and worse. He sees me as profoundly deceived. He sees me as possessing the mind of a wild beast. He sees me as one of the most arrogant and conceited of all the creatures of earth. He sees me as self-serving. He believes that I behave as does a hungry lion in search of ignorant naive prey. That I seek to control the minds of men by so called education. That if we all read the same books written by the same authors we will all think as do the writers. Thus our guru is the book’s author. If we all read Plato we will all see things as does Plato. If we all read Darwin we will all think as does Darwin.

No he did not convey this in these words. But this is what I gathered from his views. He believes in the descent of man also. But he says it happens because of sin. Sin he says is disobedience to God. Sin is evolution. He says this must be since sin cares for no one only self.  He maintains that sin and evolution behave the same. Destroy the other to survive instead of sacrificing oneself for the other to live.

He says sin is the cause of death and destruction. I must admit this is exactly what evolution is all about: death and destruction. He says sin is the reason men die. He says sin is the reason men lie and cheat and steal. He says sin is the reason I think I am better than he.

This is nonsense. I don’t think I am better than he. I know I am better than he. Is it my fault that I evolved into a highly educated and polished speaker? Is it my fault he evolved into a simple country boy?

Tonight I will speak on the descent of man from a beast to a highly favored human species such as myself.


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