The Debaters (4)

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Ladies and gentlemen thank you for attending our last evening of debate between the unbelievably outrageously ridiculously and phenomenally educated Dr Fuller O. Hotiarre. Whose credentials are such; that cannot be matched by any in scores of coveted degrees. He is well respected in the scientific community by those who are also highly educated. Tonight he will try one more time to convince Brother Happy that he is duped and incoherent. He has offered to pay for psychiatric counseling for Brother Happy. He also offers him free a copy of all of his books. That perchance Brother Happy may learn something. Of course he said this depending if Brother Happy can read. One last thing before I give the floor to Dr Hotiarre. He has told us that upon his death he wants his fantastic brain donated to science if perchance they may learn something to help educate people like Brother Happy.

Dr Hotiarre: I regret that this must be my last evening here with all you fine people. But I must fly to Vienna tonight for I am scheduled to speak at the University of Absurdly Intelligent on transitional fossils. I will present the billion year old bones of creatures whose DNA matches mine. I will prove to the ignorant of the amazing ability ape fossils possess to reveal to us our amazing beginnings from disgusting creatures.

It is time the human race learns that our intelligence was inherited from sex-crazed grunting beasts that roamed this planet hundreds of billions of years ago. I might add that when I was doing research on the everyday ape I learned from careful examination of this creature’s DNA that he once was able to reason and use logic. He learned to eat with his hands whereas billions of years before the time-god did his thing, he merely stuck his smelly disgusting mouth into the food the same way a dog or cat eats today.The time-god is to be commended for his tremendous powers to make something out of nothing.

And after much trial and error the close examination of ape bones revealed that he wanted something better. So he learned to eat with his hands. He began to peel bananas instead of eating them with the peeling still on. He learned to plant crops and teach his little monkey kids to read and write. Brother Happy could learn from them that as a descendant of these disgusting smelly beasts he also could learn. I conclude my presentation with one question for Brother Happy. Where is the evidence for all his claims?

Host: Brother Happy since this is our last night I hope you have evidence to present.

Brother Happy: I am the evidence that Christ lives!  God did not leave himself without witness! All my praise to God is evidence. My faith is the evidence of things not seen. It is the substance of things hoped for.  And it is the faith, by which I understand that the things that are seen were made by things not seen..that the worlds were framed by the word of God.. as says  Hebrews 11:1-2. When Dr Hotiarre sees me or sees any Christian, he sees a witness for Jesus Christ. Jesus said that we would be his witnesses all the way from Judea to the uttermost parts of the earth. If Dr Hotiarre does not accept this as evidence it doesn’t destroy the evidence. A city that is set on a hill cannot he hid. Jesus did not light me to put me under a bushel. But to give light to all that are in the house. My faith is the witness that I am for Christ. Christians are his witnesses that he lives! He lives in us! Praise the Lord!


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